Some of us are blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with the gift of height. As we tall people navigate the world, there are some obvious advantages, reaching the top shelf, seeing over people at concerts, and getting picked first in sports, but there are also some things that tall people just get plain sick of. Here are some images of people who feel the struggles of being tall.

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34 Images of People Who Go Through Life Heads Above Everyone Else

#1 People Always Assume You are Athletic

#2 Your Legs ALWAYS Touch the Seat In Front of You

#3 Even If You Aren’t Athletic, People Still Want You On Their Team

#4 You Get Much Better Sunroof Views

#5 You Want People to Stop Asking You Questions About How Tall You Are!

#6 Showering Requires a Bit More Creativitiy

#7 Your Friends Always Want a Ride Up High

#8 You Hear the Same Jokes Over and Over

#9 Plane Travel is Not Nearly as Cozy for You as it is for Your Neighbors

#10 Even the Largest of Beds Makes You Feel like a Giant

#11 You Pray Your Shoes Match the Rest of the Outfit


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