#23 You Are Great at Keep Away

#24 Your Friends Never Lose You in a Crowd

#25 People Assume You Had Something to do with Your Height

#26 Cars Were Not Made For You


#27 You Should Always Check in to Your Flights Early

#28 You Felt Like the Jolly Green Giant at Middle School Dances

#29 Not Only Do You Have Trouble Buying Pants, It’s Shoes Too!

#30 You are a Trend-Setter


#31 People Love to Hug Tall Girls

#32 Your Main Concern in Class is How You Will Cross Your Legs

#33 You Tower Above Most People You Meet, Even Your Family

If you spend most days feeling like Buddy the Elf when he was still in the North Pole, then you are experiencing #tallpeopleprobs. Speaking from the perspective of a tall woman, roll those shoulders back, throw on your sexiest pair of high-waters, and take pride in your long legs and tall stature. I’m sure there are plenty of short people who would gladly switch places just to see all that dust collecting at the top of the refrigerator.

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