The D word. That’s right, we’re talking about diets. Everyone hates them but some of us can’t seem to get away from them. If you feel like you’re constantly on a diet then this hilarious collection of memes is perfect for you. Why? Because laughing burns calories. Right?

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33 Memes That Describe Diets Perfectly

#1: The Essential First Step

#2: Face it, salad has never been your forte.

#3: It’s easy.. but it’s not a piece of cake.

#4: Just don’t make any sudden movements.

#5: We all know the truth.

#6: Is that a trick question?

#7: For days when you need a little motivation.

#8: We all have that friend.

#9: When do we want it? Yesterday!

#10: It’s the thought that counts.

#11: And the tests never lie.


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