You know when it’s been a really long week at work, and it’s only Tuesday morning? The only thing that keeps you hanging on, as you slog toward lunch, are visions of the left-over plate of capellini with spicy zucchini-tomato sauce that you have waiting for you in the office fridge.

So maybe you can be forgiven if, after opening the fridge and finding your pasta missing, you unleash the fury of your displeasure in a snarky public shaming campaign, implicating the entire office in a firestorm of passive-aggressive anonymous notes. Well, such shots across the bow, much to the delight of spectators, do not often go unanswered. And what ensues are note wars that can take on hilarious proportions. If you’ve ever been a part of a note war you will laugh at this collection of the funniest examples of passive-aggressive notes we’ve ever found.

33 Of The Funniest Passive-Aggressive Office Notes Left Throughout The Workplace















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