There’s nothing funny about PMS. The bloating. The cramping. The craving of carbs. The extreme irritability. It all sucks. But while there’s nothing funny about PMS, these memes about PMS are pretty funny. So maybe if you’re sitting on the couch with a heating pad trying to keep yourself from punching your soul mate in the face because him crunching those chips has destroyed your very last nerve, then these memes just may save a life.

33 PMS Memes For All The Hungry, Emotional, Cranky Ladies Out There… It’s Not Your Fault!


its-showtime pms


regret-nothing pms


4-stages pms


why-do-you-ask pms


kermit pms


need-to-poop pms


bae-breathing pms


bloated pms


i-also-want-soft-pretzels pms


this-is-normal pms


typical-day pms


I'm a married, stay at home mother of 4, with a lot of crazy going on. Being a parent is so rewarding, but very exhausting! Ha! My husband is a musician/entrepreneur with a lot going on, so I manage most of the day to day and happen to find a lot of humor in all the chaos. If the choice is laugh or cry, I'll choose laugh every time. :)