Life is an amazing gift, full of inspiring beauty and endless wonder. It’s also full of thorny plot twists, bitter disappointments, and humiliating belly-flops. It’s shouldn’t be surprising then that people can be a little prickly and sad sometimes. We’re all exposed to the pain of rejection, fear of failure, and sorrow for loss and loneliness. Many of us are graduates of the fake-it-till-you-make-it and grin-and-bear-it schools, and put on a brave face in order to save others from our grief, while others of us may carry our burdens a little less elegantly.

In any case, so many of our rough edges would soften and our sour moods sweeten if our insensitivity, panic, or grief was met with unconditional kindness instead of judgment. In this collection of inspirational quotes, we are reminded to cultivate compassion and understanding for those we encounter, because we never truly know what others are going through.

33 Reminders That You Never Really Know What Others Are Going Through. Be Kind.

















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