Times have changed. If you’re not sure how radically different life in 2018 is from even 30 years ago, take a look at advertising from 1988. And if you really want to blow your mind, take it back another 30 years to 1958. As you peruse the ads from yesteryear you’ll see all kinds of attitudes, trends, and scientific “facts” that seem ridiculously absurd (and at times offensive) to the contemporary audience. So whether you laugh out of disbelief or at the sheer silliness of it, you’ll definitely get a kick out of these 33 vintage ads.

33 Seriously Questionable Retro Ads That Would Never Fly These Days

#1: For moms who put their children first.

#2: Cuz nothing says “baby fresh” quite like plastic wrap.

#3: Whuh?! No. Just, no.

#4: For perfect bangs, every time!


#5: You gotta little sumpin on your…


#6: Just, Mmm!

#7: Cuz some habits are better when they’re shared.

#8: Oh, the glory days of processed food.

#9: TV just makes everything better.

#10: To get the party hoppin’, I go swishee when I’m walkin’.

#11: “You know, these beans would go great with a side of your soul.”


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