You know that guy? The guy who can’t admit he’s ever wrong? The guy who’d rather spend three hours on the internet tracking down some obscure, questionable factoid about carrots than just concede that his whole belief about how eating carrots can improve eyesight really traces back to an episode of Gilligan’s Island that he saw in syndication back in 1977 (and thus might be factually inaccurate). You know that guy?

It’s the same guy who can be shown a range of sources from Wikipedia to the official congressional record that state that President William Jefferson Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998, but he’ll still stubbornly insist that he knows Clinton was never impeached because “he lived it.” Doesn’t that guy drive you nuts? It’s best not to argue with those folks because you’re never going to win because they’d rather die than admit their wrong.

Oh wait a minute. That guy is you? Well, then you’re gonna love these 33 memes all about how “wrong” is not in your vocabulary.

33 Stubborn Memes For The People In Your Life Who’d Rather Die Than Be Wrong















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