If you’ve spent much time around dads in your life, you’ve likely been subjected to the special kind of torture that is the classic “dad joke.” While dad jokes indeed accomplish the goal of eliciting riotous laughter, generally it’s only the dad himself doing the laughing. The reactions of the audience vary from *facepalm* to courtesy laugh, depending on just how corny the joke was and how often it has been retold.

But there’s a dad out there who is on a personal crusade to redefine the dad joke. Elevating dad humor from the lowest rung of the comedy ladder to the upper echelons of wit. We’ve loved seeing more and more material floating around from The Dad, and hope you’ll enjoy these 33 hilarious memes he created!

33 Times @TheDad’s Humor Put Regular Dad Jokes To Shame


The Dad Memes 01


The Dad Memes 02


The Dad Memes 03


The Dad Memes 04


The Dad Memes 05


The Dad Memes 06


The Dad Memes 08


The Dad Memes 07


The Dad Memes 09


The Dad Memes 10


The Dad Memes 11


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