You’re going along with your day – just doing what you need to do – when you feel a prickle down your spine and look up to meet the cold, judgmental gaze of an animal who does not approve of what you’re up to. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to justify your life choices to a disapproving animal, you’ll find these hilarious.

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34 Animals Who Don’t Approve Of Your Shenanigans

#1 – “So you threw the ball, but didn’t ACTUALLY throw the ball. That’s kind of a jerk move.”


#2 – “Would it kill you to refill the birdfeeder?”


#3 – “And where were YOU last night? Did you think we wouldn’t notice when you didn’t come home?”


#4 – “It’s not my job to judge right and wrong… but you’re definitely wrong.”


#5 – “I thought I couldn’t be any more disappointed, but you managed to prove me wrong.”


#6 – “I am shocked by your behavior. Shocked, I tell you!”


#7 – “I can’t believe you tried to go for a car ride without me.”


#8 – “I’m not saying I’m better than you… because I don’t really need to say it out loud, do I?”


#9 – “I can’t even look at you anymore. Just go.”


#10 – “You can’t wipe MY history, buddy. I saw what you were looking at online.”


#11 – “You call that a throw? It’s not even worth fetching.”



Tara is a mom, instructional designer, author, cat lover, and collector of funny pictures on the Internet.