Whether it’s on your phone, a Kindle, or a good old fashioned book, reading is one of the best ways to take in a good story. When a book becomes a movie or series, you will almost always hear the people who read the book say it was better. There’s something about the written word that has the ability to make your imagination work with you. The author can take you partway there, but half the journey is created in your own mind. A good book tends to give us a temporary escape from all of reality’s headaches and stress. It can be difficult to convince yourself to put down a good book long enough to put up with real life. Although the following memes aren’t going to take you away to a world of George R.R. Martin’s creation, we can guarantee all you book lovers out there that they do make for a fun read. (And we won’t make you wait years for the next batch!)

34 “Books Are My People” Memes For Every Reader














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