Do you ever find yourself weighing the pros and cons of taking your family on vacation via air travel? It usually goes something like this. “Do I really want to be in the car for eight plus hours with my kids whining and arguing the whole way?” And then you start to think about all the hassle that surrounds the speed of air travel.

Sure, that eight plus hours in the car can be accomplished in less than two hours by plane. But before you get on the plane, you have to purchase all those travel items because TSA is never going to let you carry through security that full tube of the only toothpaste your kids will use. And then there’s the transit time to and from the airport, and the parking, and the shuttling, and the walking the equivalent of a 5k through the airport to get to your gate— all while trying to hurry along three kids who seem dead set on making sure that you miss that plane. And once you get on the plane there’s no room to store your carry-ons and the seats are cramped and the person seated next to you seems to be infected with ebola (which you’re pretty sure is contagious) and all of this convenience cost you the GDP of a small country (a fact which the airline seems to be unaware of as they up-charge you for pretty much anything they can get away with). Once you’ve considered all those things, riding in the car starts to look pretty good.

34 “Could They Make These Seats Any Smaller” Memes For Air Travelers













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