We hate to be embracing gender stereotypes, but seriously, why is it that when someone accidentally puts a baby into the ceiling fan during a game of “baby toss” it’s always the dad? Dad’s love their kids, there is no denying that but that love manifests itself in some crazy ways. Which is why if you’re thinking about leaving your children alone with Dad for a little bit, be prepared for the hilariously bizarre shenanigans men get up to when they decide to “play” with the children.

34 Crazy Funny Shenanigans Dad Pulled While Mom Was Away

#1: Cuz babies make surprisingly good coaster stands.

#2: Cuz Mom will say it’s a sick-day and to make sure kids stay in bed.

#3: Cuz it’s always snack time.

#4: Cuz Mom will ask Dad to help son make cake for Cub Scout Cake Walk.

#5: Cuz dads know the value of team effort.

#6: Cuz Tarzan and Jane!

#7: Cuz kids have access to colored markers…and the family dog.

#8: Cuz parenting is exhausting.

#9: Cuz every dad has childhood dreams of working in the circus.

#10: Cuz Dad is a master of disguises and secret agent stuff.

#11: Cuz safety is always first when the stroller breaks down.


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