If you live in the western U.S. then it’s back to school time. Other parts of the country don’t go back until after Labor Day, so why do we westerners have to go back to school in what is arguably the middle of Summer (you know, solstices and stuff)? But you won’t actually hear us complaining too loudly, because there’s a school district in Arizona where the first day of school was July 23rd! And don’t get us started about year round school calendars. On the bright side, back to school means the kids are out of the house and we’re no longer playing cruise director. So in honor of the school bells ringing and the kids’ cracking those books, here are some of our favorite math memes to get your scholastic juices flowing.

34 Math Memes To Help Get Your Back To School Vibe Going


Math Memes 01


Math Memes 02


Math Memes 03


Math Memes 04


Math Memes 05


Math Memes 06


Math Memes 07


Math Memes 08


Math Memes 09



Math Memes 11


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