It seems a little bit of a betrayal to the feminist cause to admit that women can be hard to understand from time to time. Like when we get mad. Maybe it’s because as girls we were trained that yelling, kicking things, or punching holes in the wall were just not “lady like.”

So whether it’s a gender stereotype or not, in our current society it’s pretty difficult for women to display their feelings of anger without being labeled with misogynistic epithets. As a result, we adapt and we deal with our anger in some pretty subtle ways. Subtle enough that sometimes the people in our life aren’t even sure if we’re mad. Or if they pick up on the fact that we’re mad, they’re probably clueless as to why. The ironic contrast between what women do when they’re mad and the intense boiling lava of negative emotion stuffed deep inside—that we’ve all experienced—are what make these 34 on point memes so totally hilarious.

34 Times You Knew She Was Mad But Weren’t Sure Why















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