When we’re young the only reason we need to down some alcohol is that we feel like getting drunk. As we get older and more mature, we start to feel like we’re being judged every time we propose happy hour or a small keg with dinner. And so, we start coming up with all kinds of clever reasons to justify drinking that bottle of wine at noon. There’s “I just got a promotion! Whoooo! We’re drinking tonight!” or “I just got engaged! Whoooo! Who’s drinking with me!” or “I just found out I’m pregnant!” Okay, that last one might have gone too far, but you get the idea. So sit back and relax-and make sure you have a drink in hand because obviously this meme collection is better enjoyed if you’re tipsy-and discover all the wonderful ideas people have come up with to defend getting sloshed.

35 “Bottoms Up” Memes To Justify Having A Drink














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