Single people, by recent reports, now make up the majority of adults in America. Yay. (Wait. Is that a good thing?) As much as we love the idea of finding that one person who will light up our lives, some folks are happily single. Still, there are plenty others who’d love to find a soulmate who are wondering, “Why Am I Single?”

Well, we wanted to know the answer. So, we went to the answer-getting place, Instagram, and found some great responses in the #WhyImSingle hashtag. Reasons for singlehood run the range from self-deprecating flirt-fails to grammar sarcasm, but all are relatable. So, whether you’re happily single, longing for a relationship, or recovering from one, these Instagram #WhyImSingle hashtags will give you a chuckle as you find out that you are not so alone after all.

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35 Comical Instagrams Explaining Once and for All #WhyImSingle
























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