The life of a parent is brutal. But parents endure, because the reward is worth every dirty diaper, temper tantrum, and night of worry. The pride and joy that our kids bring us transcends all hardships, and we think that after our kids are grown, no one will ever bring us as much happiness as our children. And then our kids have their own little terrors, and all that joy our kids brought us is multiplied tenfold.

Being a grandparent fills your heart with a bliss that threatens to explode every time they smile at you. Either that or you might be having a stroke, because face facts, you are a grandparent. And the best thing about grandchildren? At the end of the day, you get to give them back to their parents and let them deal with all grand-parenting, aka spoiling them to pieces, that went down while they were in your care. These memes are for all the grandparents. Because after everything you’ve been through as a parent, you’ve earned the right to spoil your grandkids.

35 Memes For Every Parent Who Knows *Grandparents* Have All The Fun















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