While on the job there are times when you don’t have the proper tools, so you improvise. And that’s cool because because most of the time jerry-rigging the coffee pot isn’t going to get anyone killed. But there are certain jobs where improvisation could leave you minus an arm or leg or dead. So if you’ve ever done something unbelievably (yet hilariously) unsafe at work, the following images will make you feel a little smarter about even your worst ideas.

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When Improvising At Work Breeds Outrageously Hazardous Ideas

#1: “Hold still Frank. One wrong move and this could turn into a bad idea.”

#2: Hopefully the guy on the right is on everyone’s good side.

#3: Water + electrical = safe, right?

#4: “Oh crap, I dropped a quarter.”

#5: When the guy you trust with your life is easily distracted.

#6: “I swear this is exactly how they did it in the training video.”

#7: When lung cancer isn’t the worst threat from smoking cigarettes.

#8: “Still not high enough. One more ladder should do the trick.”

#9: “It’s called a wood chipper, not a leg chipper, so I should be good.”

#10: “Hey guys, I’m done, you can bring me up now. Guys? Crap.”

#11: When the support of your co-workers makes all the difference.


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