America loves its fast food. And why not? In a society where everyone is always rushing through busy schedules, fast food offers the convenience of dinner in mere minutes, and it’s easy on the wallet. But it’s not the best choice for our bodies. Although most fast food restaurants offer some healthy options, people aren’t hitting up Burger King and KFC for their salads. And because fast food seems to always add inches to the waistline, we do our best to resist the sweet aroma of greasy goodness that tries to tempt us into their lairs of fatty cuisine. But somehow they keep pulling us back in. We know our kids will eat it without griping (in fact most kids will cheer if they see you pull into a McDonald’s parking lot) and there’s something about deep fried junk food that is almost impossible to resist. So in honor of all the meals we’ve scarfed down with a twinge of regret, we turned over some fast food memes to satisfy your appetite for laughter.

36 “I Can’t Seem To Quit You” Memes For Fast Food Lovers














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