Whether it’s sprinkling crushed red pepper over pizza, adding fresh sliced jalapenos to tacos, or drizzling your favorite extra spicy hot sauce over scrambled eggs, people love to add flavor with a kick to their food. For some, a combination of spices cooked into their food is enough to pleasure their taste buds. For those that love a challenge, we hold hot wing and pepper eating contests to prove who possesses the mightiest taste buds. As good as it tastes going down, there can be a price to pay later when your body decides that last dish of hot food went too far. But that never seems to stop true spicy food lovers. For everyone that loves to heat up their food, we offer our hottest food memes. Proving that loving spicy food might be wrong, but we don’t care.

36 Memes Because If Loving Spicy Food Is Wrong We Don’t Wanna Be Right














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