“Do as I say, not as I do.” Wise words spoken by someone familiar with the fundamental truth that we all come to realize eventually…people are a bunch of hypocrites. Maybe not in every way, but it’s a pretty fair bet that almost anyone can be caught saying or doing something contrary to what they profess they should be saying or doing.

Luckily, for the majority, it’s no big deal. The world will not collapse if we eat ice cream while professing to be on a diet, or stay up binge watching Netflix when we told our friends we had to study. And, it goes without saying that everyone taking the time reading this article is probably neglecting some responsibilities to do, sooooo. But…you’ll be glad you did. Because nothing makes you feel closer to your fellow man than realizing that you aren’t the only one who’s actions speak louder than their words.

37 “Also Me” Memes For The Hypocrite In All Of Us


Also Me Memes 01


Also Me Memes 02


Also Me Memes 03


Also Me Memes 05


Also Me Memes 04


Also Me Memes 06


Also Me Memes 07


Also Me Memes 08


Also Me Memes 09


Also Me Memes 10


Also Me Memes 11


Also Me Memes 12


Also Me Memes 13


Also Me Memes 14


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