These days we can watch movies in the privacy of our home just a few short months, sometimes even weeks, after they come out. It certainly is more convenient, and much easier on the wallet, than going out to the movies. And yet the movie industry is still thriving. Yes, the price of admission is ridiculous. Yes, a popcorn and large soda could have bought your family of four groceries for a month. Yes, you sometimes have to deal with talkers and people who insist on lighting up half the theater with their cell phones.

But watching a movie in the theater offers a film on a giant screen, in a superior resolution with state of the art sound. There’s also the added bonus of being surrounded by people who are there cheering, laughing, and gasping in surprise along with you, making each scene more intense and the movie more memorable. Going out to the movies does have its downsides, and we found plenty of memes to support that theory, but the experience is still entertaining enough that it remains one of our favorite pastimes.

37 Blockbuster Memes For Anyone Headed To The Movie Theater Today














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