When you’re a kid, and especially a teenager, you just can’t wait to grow up. The world of an adult seems to be filled with the freedom to do whatever you want. And then you become an adult, and finally you can make your own decisions. You also discover that an adult does a lot more working and a lot less partying than you anticipated. But when you’re in your 20’s, you’re still capable of going out until 3 a.m. and getting to work on time. And then you roll into your 30’s. And you soon discover that not only do you have a lot more responsibilities—mortgage, car payments, kids—but your body seems to be falling apart. The next thing you know, you’re annoyed with anyone younger than you because you know that they just don’t get it. And by this time you’ve realized that it’s never going to get any easier. For all of you over 30, we get it. And we’d like to make you feel a little better about the situation by sharing our funniest “over 30” memes made just for you.

37 Memes Because Being Over 30 Is Harder Than You Think
















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