To paraphrase the famed philosopher and transcendentalist writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, a person’s actions speak so loudly that it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. Or if you feel like it’s pretentious to quote highfalutin, snooty nosed, 19th Century poets then maybe this blunt aphorism will strike you with its sincere, concise message, “People lie, actions don’t.”

Yeah. Nobody likes a poser. That’s why these “Also Me” memes are so funny. Because when we catch ourselves being a phony, when we discover that what we’ve told people we believe or will do is actually the exact opposite of how we behave, then something revelatory and redemptive happens in that moment. And since we all have times we see ourselves for the hypocrites life makes us, we can laugh pretty hard when we see that realization hit someone else.

37 Memes Calling Ourselves Out Because People Lie And Actions Don’t


Also Me Memes 01


Also Me Memes 02


Also Me Memes 03


Also Me Memes 05


Also Me Memes 04


Also Me Memes 06


Also Me Memes 07


Also Me Memes 08


Also Me Memes 09


Also Me Memes 10


Also Me Memes 11


Also Me Memes 12


Also Me Memes 13


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