Give the kid a bath? Fix her hair? Feed them? What am I going for, parent of the year? Okay most of us make sure our kids’ essential needs are met. And some of us go above and beyond to find creative ways to entertain and teach our children. And then there are times when the energy and enthusiasm to go that extra parenting mile just isn’t there. Sometimes minimal effort is the best we can give. But hey, sometimes minimal effort takes a little ingenious innovation. Of course other times it’s just a matter of leaving the T.V. on and tossing the kiddos a package of cookies while we take a nap. Who are we to judge, every parent needs a few moments of peace. So we found some of the best slacker parenting moments that’ll prove minimal effort can be hilarious.

37 Memes Showcasing What You Might Call Slacker Parenting But We Call Surviving















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