It has been said that art is the universal language—connecting cultures and generations through paintings, sculptures, architecture, and more. Of course, it’s usually art history teachers or museum curators extolling these virtues; students tend to have more difficulty connecting with the artists of the past. Maybe it’s because we believe that since people in the past didn’t have indoor toilets or understand fundamental principles of the universe that we can’t relate to the feelings and problems of their time.

That’s where these side-splitting art memes come in. Leave it to the good people of the internet to bridge the cultural and chronological gap with their hilarious interpretations of classical art. Taking the settings of the historical art world and casting them into a modern context just brings home to us all that the more things change the more they stay the same.

39 Art History Memes That Hilariously Bridge The Gap Between Then And Now


Art Memes 01


Art Memes 02


Art Memes 03


Art Memes 04


Art Memes 05


Art Memes 07


Art Memes 06


Art Memes 08


Art Memes 09


Art Memes 10


Art Memes 11


Art Memes 12


Art Memes 13


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