39 Hilariously Shorter than Short Stories Trending on Twitter Today


In our busy modern world people have little time to settle in with a good book anymore. Here at Slap Laughter we want to help you out with that. Don’t have time to read a novel? How about a short story? Don’t even have time for that? Then how about the very shortest of stories that were trending on twitter under the hashtag #myveryshortstory. Some will make you laugh, some will make you ponder, but mostly they’ll make you laugh.


Trending on Twitter: #myveryshortstory

#1: Farehnheit 451 but Shorter

let em burn

#2: A Tragedy at Wal-Mart

walmart shopping

#3: Turn Right on Elm

gave directions

#4: Sour Lemonade

#5: Bob’s Big Present

#6: Friendly Neighbors Gone Wrong

neighbor wi-fi

#7: The Worst Lemons

worst lemons

#8: Dinner at 4:00

dinner at 4

#9: Hunting Christmas

Hunting Christmas

#10: That’s Snow Business

#11: The Sleepless Mother Awakes

no sleep

#12: Wizard of Oz Redux

munckin short story

#13: Classic Hemingway

Heminway Short story

#14: Classic TMI

#15: Classic Amazon

Amazon screwed up

#16: The Shortest Story of Them All


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