There’s a place filled with pretentious furniture and home accessories, laid out along an infinite winding path, that has been rumored to swallow unsuspecting victims forever. The enormous blue building blends into the sky, but bold, bright yellow letters stand out, beckoning with prominence. They read…IKEA.

IKEA isn’t just another retail store, it’s an experience. And if you’re lucky enough to escape IKEA with your sanity and relationship still intact, then the countless hours assembling whatever contraption you came home with, are sure to push the limits of your patience and sense of reason. And yet, people keep going back. If you’ve ever been, then you’ll recognize the IKEA humor in these memes. If you’ve managed to go this long without stepping foot in an IKEA store, we hope this doesn’t discourage you. The IKEA experience is one of a kind.

39 IKEA Memes That Don’t Require Home Assembly













Fancy Ikea Meme Must be from Ikea memes



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