Last week we published 40 super awesome Star Wars memes in celebration of the new movie’s release. But we got the release date wrong. (Oops.) Our bad. It turns out to be a great mistake because it means we had a whole additional week to put together another great collection of memes before the release of The Last Jedi on the 15th. Maybe you can read these while you’re standing in line for your seat today.

Oh, and if you suddenly stopped seeing most of the SDL posts, you're not alone. Recent changes to what is shown on your wall were implemented, and it's out of our control. To help with this: go to the page and do two things: first, enable "follow," and then make sure you have it set to receive notifications for new posts. Of course, the more you interact with different posts on the page, the more Facebook will show you in the future. Hope this helps!

40 More Star Wars Memes


















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