Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? Especially when you come home and find your feline friend in some weird or dangerous place? Then check out this post that will help clear up your questions, as we guess what these cats must have been thinking to get them into such strange predicaments.

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40 Times I Wish I Knew What the Cat Was Thinking

#1: “Stop petting that stupid machine and pet me!”

#2: “A cat door would make this a lot easier.”

#3: “That was so not a portal to a magic land.”

#4: “Have You Ever Heard of Knocking!”

#5: “All I need is a helmet and I’m ready to go into space.”

#6: “Best…Hiding…Place…Ever!”

#7: “You’ve heard of ships in a bottle. I thought I’d try cat in a bottle.”

#8: “My favorite part is when it goes round and round. It’s like Kitty Disneyland.”

#9: “Humble brag. Not many cats can read upside down.”

#10: “My human is always talking about how comfy these shoes are. They’re OK. I guess.”

#11: “On the count of three, turn on the fan to see Mr. Flying Cat.”

#12: “The fruit bowl is the one place no one ever thinks to look.”

#13: “That stupid hamster made this look like so much fun.”

#14: “Did you know that when you close the door, the light goes out?”

#15: “I’m only pretending to sleep. Secretly, I’m hanging on for dear life.”

#16: “Hey Baby. Want to join me in this sweet hot tub?”


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