If you’re from Texas you know that these people in these pics only get away with what they’re doing because they’re in the Lone Star state. If you have friends or family from Texas you probably roll your eyes when they start bragging on their home. But no matter who you are you’ve no doubt heard the tales of how beautiful, big, and unexpected life in Texas can be.


41 Instagrams of Ridiculous Things Found #onlyinTexas

#1: Where Boots are as Big as Your House

#2: Where Buying a Margarita has Never Been Easier

#3: Where Chips have State Pride

#4: Where Cacti Wear Hats

#5: Where the Beer Hates on Other States

#6: Where People Want Everyone to Love Texas


#7: Where People Equate Heaven to Texas

#8: Where People Travel for Miles to See Cadillacs in the Ground

#9: Where Firearms are Always Welcome

#10: Where People Travel by Horse

#11: Where Speed Signs are Still Used as Bragging Tools

#12: Where Wedding Get-Away Cars Move Slow


#13: Where Everything is Bigger, Even the Squirrels

#14: Where a Beaver is a Celebrity

#15: Where This Makes People Feel Safe

#16: Where People “Remember the Alamo” on Even the Most Romantic of Occasions


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