Your local grocery store carries the “Cavendish Banana”. It is the most efficient banana for mass producing but is far from the best tasting banana. In fact, banana connoisseurs will tell you it is a garbage banana. Join us on a banana tour and look for opportunities to try out some of these tastier varieties. You can purchase all of these bananas… and you must! You don’t want to go your whole life knowing there were better bananas in the world that you just never tried.

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5 Wonderful Banana Varieties That You Are Missing Out On

#1 – The Gros Michel Banana

Gros Michel Banana

Ever wonder why banana flavored candy doesn’t actually taste anything like a banana? Many people believe that flavor is patterned after the Gros Michel. The Gros Michel banana was found at your local supermarket up until the early 60s when panama disease almost wiped it out. It is a sweeter, creamier variety with a thicker peel and it… is… delicious! They are grown all over the world by a select few farmers. A google search with show where to obtain the bananas, or seeds to grow your own. Have some mailed to you, or go and pick them up, depending on your location.

#2 – Plantains


Plantains are cooking bananas (don’t eat them raw. Yuck!). They are more starchy and less sugary than normal bananas and are treated similar to potatoes in the way they are prepared. Delicious when prepared correctly. These are found in most grocery stores, especially in areas with a high concentration of Latinos.

#3 – Apple Bananas

Apple banana

These are grown in Hawaii and are sweet and great for snacking or prepared raw.

#4 – Red Banana

red banana

These bananas are sweet and tasty but more importantly, they are awesome looking. Just think what it would be like to serve this to your friends and family, or, what if you set a banana trap? You friend could slip on a red banana. Just like Mario Cart!

#5 – Ice Cream Banana (Blue Java Banana)

Blue Java banana

This is not a joke. It is REAL! There is no better tasting banana in the world. Remove the blue peel and you will discover that these fruits are appropriately named. The taste is comparable to vanilla custard or ice cream. Grown in places like Florida and California. Why? Why must we satisfy ourselves with Cavendish bananas when there are bananas that taste like ice cream?

cavendish banana

Well, there you have it, folks. Thanks for taking this banana tour with us, and for heaven sakes, go out and expand your banana pallet. Let us know in the comments about your banana experiences. Have you tried any exotic bananas?

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