The team from last year’s Oscar show has reassembled. Jimmy Kimmell will host. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are tapped to present the Best Picture award. Even Price, Waterhouse, and Cooper are back to tally the votes. It’s kind of sweet that the motion picture industry wants a “do-over” after the 2017 doozy of a finale to its preeminent awards show. Then again, that a mistake of such magnitude could be made at that level of production gives us all hope that maybe our little mix ups and personal failings really aren’t that bad. In that spirit, we present these 33 memes that will help you enjoy your Oscar night celebration a tiny bit more by showcasing all kinds of the bad taste, bad judgement, and bad jokes that appear at the Academy Awards.

And The Winner Is…These 33 Awesome Oscar Night Memes















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