When it comes to makeup and beauty, everyone has their own style. For instance, my style is to wear none and make no effort. Others put a lot of time and effort into it and look fantastic. Still others like to push things up to – and over – the edge. These recent beauty trends made a lot of us do a double-take, but more power to the people who can wear them with confidence and rock the look!


Beauty Trends That’ll Have You Saying Wha…? Why?! WTF?

#1 – Eyeball Tattoos


To make a splash on the beauty scene, why not go big-time with a (permanent!) eyeball tattoo? (OMG, why?!?) FYI, do NOT Google ‘eyeball tattoos gone wrong.’ Consider yourself warned!

#2 – Nose Lashes


You’d assume this is something someone did once as a joke, right? Or maybe there was a terrible mishap involving lash glue and an itchy nose. And maybe some alcohol was involved at some point. But no, apparently people are deliberately attaching fake eyelashes to their nostrils. Alcohol may still be a factor in this.

#3 – Eyelid Bling


There are plenty of ways to jazz up your eyes, too. You could go with rhinestones or sequins for a bling liner look. Seems a little hard to blink, but it’s fun and shiny.

#4 – Glitter Tears


You might want to drizzle on some glitter tears. My guess is that this trend started as some sort of glitter eyeshadow that resulted in tears – because glitter in your eyes is going to lead to tears.


#5 – Watermelon Eyes


You could create some colorful watermelon eyes. Assuming you, for some reason, have always wanted your eyes to resemble watermelon.

#6 – Feather Brows


Lately it seems like beauty gurus are really into eyebrows – for example, feather brows, which either look like a cool feather or like you badly need to groom your eyebrows.

#7 – Fake Freckles


Freckles are suddenly popular, leading people to draw them on, use temp tattoos, and even get real tattoos of fake freckles! As someone with a lot of non-fake freckles, I cannot understand this one.

#8 – Pom Pom Makeup


This is seriously just sticking little pom poms randomly to your face. Bizarre, but easy. It WOULD be great for hiding a pimple!


#9 – Braided Brows


This eyebrow style is just right for people with really long eyebrow hairs and really tiny fingers. Or you can buy a pre-braided eyebrow wig. Because eyebrow wigs are a thing that actually exist.

#10 – Glitter Beards


I tried to convince my husband that the glitter-beard would be a great look for him, but he stubbornly insists his beard will remain glitter-free. (Also, I originally mis-typed that as Glitter Bears… which I think would be AWESOME.)

#11 – Glitter Roots


They may call it glitter roots, but it really looks like you’ve got a bad case of pixie dandruff.

#12 – TP Lips


There are some hot new looks for lips out there. Like the Toilet Paper Lip – which apparently requires toilet paper that is MUCH more glamorous than the brand I buy.


Tara is a mom, instructional designer, author, cat lover, and collector of funny pictures on the Internet.