It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old, the dumpee or dumper, breaking up does a number on a person. And everyone handles it in their own way. There are the ones who cry alone and then put on a brave face in public. There are those that tell everyone, and lean on all their friends for emotional support. There are also the ones that act like they weren’t affected at all. (You usually see them out dancing and then posting pictures of their night out on Facebook.) Then there’s those people that are just pissed off and want to destroy all their ex’s possessions. (Those people are crazy. Try to avoid getting in a relationship with them in the first place.) But the one thing you can’t avoid is going through a breakup at least once. However you handle it, we don’t judge. But we will offer some memes funny enough to make you forget about what’s his/her name for just a little bit.

Because Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Here’s 37 Memes?














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