Boyd’s Backyard: The Man Has A Point

Boyd. What can we say about Boyd? He's in his 50s and has been married for a while, so you know he knows what he's talking about when it comes to life and stuff...

In Pursuit Of Fitness. Or Donuts. Your Choice.

Everyone wants to be more fit and healthy. Not necessarily skinny. But fit. Able to move around and move other things around. Healthy heart and body. It's a good thing. But not really an easy thing. Looking at you jelly glazed...

Adam Levine: The Day After. A Super Bowl Story.

Maroon 5 performed for the Superbowl Halftime show yesterday and now poor Adam Levine is getting roasted. When you decide to wear a 70's couch cushion tank top in front of the whole world. Well. That's on you Adam. So thank you for taking it off.

Super Bowl LIII. Patriots Are Playing. Again.

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. Anyone else find themselves saying "The Patriots? Again? How?" Just us? Ok.

It’s Groundhog Daaaay!

The Groundhog did not see his shadow today so hooray for early spring? I mean. It's about as scientific as it comes right. Right guys? Right. Cool. Glad we all agree.

First Dates Are Oh So Much Fun

Going on a first date can be the definition of awkward. You're doing your best to impress the person you're with, but every moment comes spring loaded with opportunities to embarrass yourself. Yay.

Mike Primavera: The Dude Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

You know those times where you're bored and scrolling twitter and come across some guy's tweet that's so hilarious you have to check out the rest of their page to see what other funny shit they've come up with? That's Mike. This dude is funny.

Probably The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

These Dads have taken cute and funny to the next level. For all the stuff we have to put up with as parents, it's the moments like these that make the terrible twos worth it. Maybe. Anyway. These little guys are pretty cute. Enjoy!

Goldfish And Chicken Nuggets. Funny Tweets From A Mom Who Knows.

She's keeping it real. But not necessarily keeping it together. Her words, not ours. All we know is her life with kids is our life with kids. And it's hilarious. Because it's true.

Your Husband. Don’t Look At Us. You Married Him.

The funny thing about husbands is that no matter who they are, they pretty much all do the same thing. We stay because they're cute. Tell yourself that as often as you need to. We're obviously joking... Well. Kinda ;)

Marie Kondo Tweets That Definitely Spark Joy

Honestly, who doesn't love Marie Kondo? She's so cute, we just want to stick her in our pocket. And she has some good advice on cleaning up too. If something doesn't spark joy, throw it out. Easy. Maybe too easy actually...

AirPods. They’re Everywhere.

AirPods hit the scene in 2016, so don't ask us why they're all of a sudden all anyone wants to talk about. But they are. TBH, they're pretty ridiculous...

Hey, Um, WTF Are You Wearing?

It's your body, wear what you want. Well, maybe not that, but you get the idea...

What The Twitterverse Thinks Of Facebook

Every social media platform has it's thing. Apparently, Facebook's is mostly identifying which of your relatives are racist and which one of your friends' birthday is today...

New Jobs Are Pretty Much The Worst

Looking for a new job blows. Seriously. Nothing sounds all that great and you have to lie just to get the sucky job.

The Best Of Betty White

Who doesn't love Betty White?! Seriously. Do you know a single person who doesn't just adore her? She's cute and sweet and hilarious...

Current Relationship Status: Your Dog Loves You

If your current relationship status is sleeping diagonally across your queen size bed, then this collection of memes is sure to have you laughing over your love life... or lack thereof.

When Your Parents Are So Adorably Over The Top

As we grow older and interact with our aging parents, we find ourselves witnessing some of the most adorably extra behavior. Our parents are just people, after all, and we just can't get enough of them being so incredibly over the top.

When In Doubt Choose To Be Savage

Anyone can be a savage. Your precious child for instance. She just pointed out your chin hair to her teacher and then skipped away to do whatever it is she does. So that was pretty effing great. And so are these...

Oh How Things Change As A Parent

Who doesn't want sex!? Mommy over there just got puked on, but you'd still hit that... right? The truth is, being a parent changes a lot of things. Sex being one of them...

Whole Foods: Overpriced, Yes, But Entertaining

Oh Whole Foods. You are so clever. Look at you selling so many healthy and amazing products that only cost each of us our firstborn child...

Your Life With Kids

Kids are funny. And they're cute. And we love them. But they can also be huge pains in the butt...

Life Seen Through The Eyes Of A Woman

Not all women are the same. No question about that. But there are some things that just seem to be true about all of us. Thoughts we have. Feelings we share. We relate to each other. And sometimes it's pretty damn funny finding truth in the ridiculous things we think.

No Pants Subway Ride 2019

Cities all over the world participated in #nopantssubwayride2019 yesterday. London, New York, Portland, Boston, just to name a few. While we don't know if we would've braved the cold, we're sure glad these guys did...

Jared Freid Just Gets It: Life, Relationships & Carbs

It's as if Jared Freid has read all of our minds. We think it, he types it. And it's both rad and hilarious. Thanks Jared. You're the best.

Oh Look. The Ex Has Sent You A Text.

Who knows what makes them do it. Alcohol probably. Either way, your ex has a way of not wanting to stay your ex.

A Little Something Savage For Your BFF

As your best friend, they have the same snarky, sarcastic sense of humor as you do. Which is. Amazing. So, go ahead. Send 'em something a little savage...

Some Of The Best Things We’ve Ever Overheard

Sometimes other people's conversations are just better than yours...

Here’s Some Advice You Didn’t Ask For

No matter who you are, you have someone in your life that loves to give you advice. You didn't ask for the advice, but they're going to give it. Sometimes it's actually pretty ok.

Your Son Is A Teenager Now So Keep The Fridge Full And Always Knock First

Right about the time you have to take out a loan to feed your son, is the same time you want to avoid touching anything in his room. Seriously. Don't touch ANYTHING.

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