34 Funniest Memes For Everyone Who Hates Being Sick

While it's not tamiflu, laughter makes a great tonic for all kinds of ailments. These funny memes for everyone who hates being sick are a special brand of medicine that is sure to make you feel a little better.

32 Memes Every Potty Mouth Will F**king Love! *LANGUAGE WARNING*

Who doesn't love a good swear word. In every sentence. You ever say. If you have a potty mouth, you are going to f**cking love these!

33 Brilliantly Funny Birthday eCards With All Kinds Of Attitude

For a snarky s.o.b. like you, a sweet and sentimental card makes you want to puke, don't you worry, we've got you covered. These are the most rude, crude, and amazingly funny ecards we could find. Enjoy!

36 Expertly Personified Houses That’ll Make You Think The House Is Watching You

Houses with faces... it's a thing! Take a look at this collection of houses that are looking back at you.

33 Hilariously Grumpy Memes For All The Occasional Grumps Out There

Research shows a pessimistic outlook leads to higher productivity, fewer mistakes, and better communication skills in the workplace. So grumpy = winning and everyone else can just go stick it where the sun don't shine.

24 Times Teenagers Reminded Us Just How Dumb (and Fearless) They Are

Do you remember being a teenager and thinking you were invincible? These teens must feel that way too... because we have no other explanation for this straight up bizarre behavior.

33 Of The Best Memes That Capture The Marvel vs DC Smackdown

Whether you've picked a side in the Marvel vs. DC fight (or just have a love for all superheroes in general) these Marvel vs. DC memes deliver some hilarious punches.

33 Memes For Dentists, Orthodontists, And *ALL* Their Patients

Going to the dentist is not for the faint of heart. Can you imagine what it's like to be the dentist? You can after reading these 33 funny dental humor themed memes.

33 Memes That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like To Be An Overthinker

If you’re an overthinker every choice is vital, from your children's school to your yoga pants. To all the exhausted overthinkers, we thank you, because you're the most patient among us, the ones we turn to when life gets messy.

29 Of The Funniest Chinese To English Translation Fails

Sometimes when wandering around a foreign country you sigh a breath of relief because there is a transit sign in English and sometimes you laugh out loud at the way the English language has been misused.

34 Times You Couldn’t Remember The Word So You Made Something Hilarious Up

In the middle of a conversation you suddenly draw a blank. The word you want is right there on the tip of your tongue - if you could just come up with it. These people did their best to find a substitute, with hilarious results!

31 Memes For Anyone Whose Favorite Outdoor Activity Is Heading Back Indoors…

We totally understand if you're not a big fan of the Great Outdoors. Hello! It's full of insects, allergens, animals, and other hazards... not exactly our definition of a good time. ;)

33 Memes For Fitness And Health Junkies

Whether it's eating clean, taking supplements, vitamins, or pre-workout, or hitting the gym daily, health nuts don't care what other people think, they just want results.

25 Gravestones That’ll Have You Dying (Of Laughter)

Some people have used their departure from this life to keep us laughing. Reading these unusual gravestones may have you rethinking your final epitaph.

42 Memes For People Who Know How Much It Sucks To Look For A Job

The struggle is real when it comes to looking for a job. It can be an incredibly frustrating process. So let's all take a break from the hunt and allow ourselves a minute to laugh about it, it might just make you feel better...

24 Toddlers Throwing Such Ridiculous Tantrums You Can’t Help But Laugh

To all of you out there in the heat of toddler battles, it seems that when dealing with the irrationality that plagues all two to five year olds, you just gotta snap a pic, laugh, and slowly drag your child back to the car.

33 Photos That Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Men just love to do dumb things! Revealed here is the conclusive scientific evidence that explains why women live longer than men.

30 Memes And Things For Anyone Who’s Ever Had An Ex

Exes are the worst. If you hate your ex, you are going to *really* enjoy these memes. Almost as much as you enjoy laughing at that piece of sh**...

30 Memes Every Extrovert Will Relate To

As an extrovert you show up in every moment like you're meant to be there. All you want in life is to be out doing, seeing, living. These memes are for every gloriously outgoing, overly expressive person who just needs something to do. ;)

37 Memes For People Who Love Their Small And Feisty Dogs

Quirky, loud, demanding, and way too fierce for their size - these tiny dogs are absolutely adorable!

34 Animals Who Don’t Approve Of Your Shenanigans

Let me tell ya, nothing stings like feeling judged by a goldfish. Unfortunately, these animals have seen what we're up to... and they don't approve.

18 Common Beliefs/Myths About Pregnancy That May Or May Not Be True

Pregnancy attracts a lot of advice from family and friends. Here's a closer look at 18 common and bizarre pregnancy myths that we investigated to see if they were true.

33 Reminders To Let Go And Move On When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

Life doesn't always turn out the way we want or expect it to. Letting go of those hopes and expectations in order to move forward is often times painful, but necessary...

36 Memes And Things For Anyone Who Has Ever Endured Pregnancy – Dad’s Count Too

Being pregnant is not easy. For moms and dads both. Growing a big 'ole baby then having to push it out, is not necessarily our idea of a good time. And Dad has to work around the clock to keep Mom happy. Good thing babies are worth it... ;)

27 Times Cosplay Totally Nailed It

If making cosplay costumes is a super power, these people definitely have it. You aren't going to *believe* how realistic some of these are!

42 Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Had To Experience The Single Dating Scene

Navigating the single dating scene isn't easy. There are a lot of weird people out there, and the sure way to find them is by putting yourself out there in the hopes of finding love. You'll find *a lot* of things, no doubt about that, but love? Maybe if you're lucky... ;)

25 Memes And Things For Anyone Who’s Ticked Off About The Winter Storms

Old Man Winter can leave even the most positive people in bad moods, with his strong winds and icy days. If you're particularly ticked off about the snow ruining your day, these are for you... ;)

33 Memes For Everyone Who’s Excited It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

It's the freakin' weekend baby! You have two and a half days to do whatever you want until Monday comes back around. Nothing. Everything. Whatever. Just get the f**k outta work and go!

40 Absolutely Random Yet Brilliant Thoughts That You Wish You Thought Of First

Sometimes out of nowhere, random thoughts produce life’s greatest and most random bits of brilliance. Here we have collected all of those miniature mind-blowing epiphanies that make you say “whoa!” out loud.

31 Spot-On Memes For Big Dog Lovers

These are perfect for big dog lovers that know just what it means to own a large dog and love the goofball anyway.

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