30 Memes For Anyone Still Treading Water In The Dating Pool

You're single and here you are, treading water with all those other single people but unable to make a genuine love connection. You might as well rejoice in your singleness and laugh at these memes about how the dating pool really sucks.

30 Drama Filled Memes For Anyone Dealing With Tween-agers

If you're struggling with your 11 year old and wondering what happened to your sweet, affectionate child, you're not alone. Those tween years can be a beast!

34 Superfluous Memes For Anybody Third Wheeling It

The next time you find yourself in the uncomfortable "third wheel" spot and your friends start making out (or fighting) these memes will get you through by giving you something to do.

35 “I Wouldn’t Call It A Break” Memes For Parents With Kids Home For The Summer

Summer break just started. How are you going to survive until school starts again? These memes might get you through the next 20 minutes. Good luck with the rest of the summer. We did what we could.

“Did You Sit In Sugar, ‘Cuz You Got A Sweet Ass”… 33 Flirty & Sexy Ecards To Send Your Love

Things we ALL love - Memes. Obviously. - eCards. Duh. - Sex. Again, obviously. So here's some Monday Brunch-tertainment of the flirty variety that grants you all three!

33 Seriously Questionable Retro Ads That Would Never Fly These Days

Whether you laugh out of disbelief or at the sheer absurdity of yesterday's ads, you'll definitely get a kick out of these 33 vintage advertisements.

Here’s Your Sign. More Accurately, Here’s Your 34 Hilarious Church Signs.

It's unclear where the first funny church sign popped up, but the trend has spread like wildfire. Or hellfire, in this case. And all of us get the benefit! If you want to make God laugh, make a plan... or read him these 34 witty church marquees.

35 Gardening Memes That Will Make You Want To Put Your Hands In Some Dirt

We dug around and harvested 35 Memes about the joy and heartache of gardening.

30 Perfectly Sarcastic Memes For When We’re Feeling #SorryNotSorry

This sassy list of even sassier memes are for those of us who simply don't care who accepts our apology, only that we can be painfully honest to begin with. #sorrynotsorry

34 “It’s Too Damn Hot” Memes And Summer Hasn’t Even Started

We anticipate summer all winter, and when it finally arrives all we do is complain about it. Well, it's going to be here for a few months, so why not make the most of it by finding a nice cool pool, some shade, and reading these 34 memes about how hot it is outside.

27 Brilliantly Sarcastic eCards All About How Much We Hate Work

It's Thursday. Which means you still have two more days to get through before the weekend. We sympathize and send you these memes to break the monotony of another day at the office.

30 Of The Best And The Worst Puns On The Internet

From dad jokes to play-on-words, we can guarantee you'll find this list of puns extra punny.

34 LOL Memes For Any Parent Waging Those “Get Your Tiny Butt In Bed” Fights

If you're in the middle of nighty night fights, then you'll appreciate all 34 of these memes that prove the bedtime battle is universally real.

37 Snarky Ecards To Send To Your Best… Friend?

Brutally honest, sarcastic, and always hilarious, snarky friendships are the very best kind, and these 37 Ecards are the perfect thing to send to your favorite snark.

30 “No Thanks” Memes For When People Want To Send You On A Guilt Trip

Whether someone has recently bought you a ticket to the guilt trip express or you're freshly returned from your last journey, these memes all about how much we hate guilt trips are just for you.

27 Memes About…Ummm…About Something…Sorry I Wasn’t Listening

27 memes all about not listening, not paying attention, not wanting to listen, hoping to forget, tuning out, and overall completely ignoring.

35 Endlessly Entertaining Memes From The Babies Of The Internet

Those of us who spend our days taking care of these funny little guys need a little entertaining to make it all worth it. That's where memes come in. With the variety of expressions those tiny little faces produce comes an endless variety of jokes. And jokes we did make. Enjoy this collection of the most entertaining baby memes on the internet!

30 Oh So True Memes For Everyone Who Works In Healthcare

Anyone who works in healthcare has seen (and done) some gruesome stuff. We non-medical people may complain a lot, but when we're sick or in pain we sure do appreciate all you do for us.

32 Of The Best One-liners From The Funniest Female Comics

In our never ending quest to make you laugh, we've rounded up some of the funniest female comics to bring you their best one-liners. Prepare for a laughtastic time!

33 Get Fit Memes Just In Time for You To Break Out The Summer Wardrobe

Summer's here and with it comes sun dresses, swim suits, crop tops, short shorts, and some memes that may inspire you to lose that last bit of winter flab. Or not.

34 Memes For Anyone Tired Of People Who Are Fake AF

If you find yourself surrounded by phony fakers, these memes can help you figure out how to get out from under a lot of crap and into some authentic relationships. Or maybe they'll just make you laugh.

Just A Rad Batch Of 24 Funny Ecards For Your Weekend

Honestly these ecards have nothing in common other than being rad. We see a lot of ecards around here and these ones stood out to us as being relatable, funny and fresh. Have a laugh and enjoy your weekend!

30 Cynical Memes For Anyone *Not* Anticipating A Summer Romance

This summer may not bring you a sizzling hot romance, but these memes may give you a sizzling hot come back the next time someone asks if you're "seeing anyone special."

30 Memes Every CNA Will Relate To… Unfortunately

CNAs positively impact the lives of others every day. Often times they know their patients better than anyone else. They dream of call lights and bed alarms. And they don't get grossed out by what *should* be the grossest thing ever. Which leads us to what brought us all here today. Ridiculously relatable memes for every CNA out there. Enjoy!

29 Reasons To Groan At Humanity

We see it everywhere. There have been signs for a good long while. We think we noticed it the first time someone used "prolly" instead of "probably", but it didn't stop there. So here are a bunch of examples, reminders, and some shit people actually wrote TO THE WORLD. Google, y'all. Use it BEFORE you hit that "share" button!

30 Irresistible Memes For Anyone Who Loves A Man In Uniform

We're kicking off summer with some memes featuring hot guys in uniforms. Enjoy!

33 True AF Thoughts For Anyone Happy To Embrace Their Inner Savage

These 33 savage memes are for those of us who embrace the fact that yeah, sorry, we are horrible people. We think rude thoughts and sometimes, even say them. But at least we know right, so that makes it a little *less* bad.

37 “Also Me” Memes For The Hypocrite In All Of Us

Though we may have the best of intentions, it's nearly impossible to avoid seeming like a hypocrite to ourselves. That's what makes these self-deprecating "also me" memes so hilariously relatable.

20 Of The Best Memorial Day Memes

The United States celebrates Memorial Day on the last Monday in May to remember those who have given their lives in defense of their country. This meme collection is mostly reflective, some fun, but all appropriate. To all those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, we thank you.

34 Memes Just For Teachers Because School Is Almost Out

May is probably the hardest month of the year for teachers. We feel your pain. So here are 34 teacher memes all about how rough teachers have it.

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