40 Images From The Great Depression That Inspire Gratitude

Great depression images
These Great Depression images remind us of our heritage and fill us with gratitude for the legacy of tenacity gifted to us by this greatest generation.

33 Memes Every Only Child Will Relate To

Being an Only Child sometimes gets a bad rap, but we think they might just be winning, and nobody seems to have caught on!

33 Inspirational Quotes That Remind Us: New Year. New You.

This collection of quotes features a mix of rousing inspiration and a dash of wry humor to help celebrate the new year and embrace our future with a playful smile.

24 People Hilariously Caught Fibbing on Social Media

Catching someone trying to rep something that is just not true is probably one of the more satisfying things in life. Haha!

37 Memes Every Workaholic Will Relate To

Work? Yes Please! I thought you'd never ask...

24 Public Transit WTFs That Will Make You Love Your Car

No matter what shape your car is in, you're gonna love it after you see these hilarious public transit fails and bizarre encounters. You can't make this stuff up.

20 Fantastic Reminders To Respect Being Single And Celebrate YOU

Whether you love being single or are looking for a special someone, these quotes remind you that you will always be YOU and have immense value just the way you are.

40 Memes for Moms Who Just Need A Break

It's been a long day. But you're a mom. And every day is a long day. Get those kids to bed and have some much needed time to yourself!!

27 #hatersgonnahate Instagrams For Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Hater

Let those haters hate. Ain't nobody gonna tear us down.

34 Hilarious Gym Fails

We've got goals! We're hitting the gym! We have no idea what we're doing!

30 Memes For Those Of Us Hungover On New Years Day

If you’ve ever woken up New Year’s Day praying to the porcelain throne, ready to give up alcohol forever, then these memes are for you...

33 Memes For Insomniacs and Night Owls

Can't Sleep? Us Either. Let's Can't Sleep Together...

21 Sibling Memes Every Middle Child Will Relate To

You were once the baby, but now you're the middle child. People may think you get ignored, but that's what you want them to think. Really you're off doing whatever you want...unnoticed!

50 Facts About New Years That You Didn’t Know

These fun and random facts are definitely going to come in handy tonight as you gather together with family and friends to welcome in the New Year. Everyone is sure to be impressed with your vast knowledge of everything New Years Eve...

33 Memes Only Chocolate Lovers Will Understand

Chocolate is life’s first luxury. And for chocolate lovers, it’s a word that embodies both the means and the MOTIVE for living!

30 Memes That Only People Who Are Gonna Be Single on New Years Will Understand

Single on New Years
30 memes for the single people on New Years, whether their sad and alone or happy to be relationship free, let the wine flow.

20+ Memes Any Person With A Small or Flat Booty Will Relate To

featured-image flat butt memes
Having a small butt comes with it's struggles, just like having a big booty does. It's not about what you're given though, it's about how you make it werk!

25 Cringy Tinder Finds That Will Make You Consider Staying Single in 2018

This collection of cringe-worthy Tinder finds will make being single sound like the better option. Cringe with us as we brave the battlefield of love known as Tinder.

Beauty Trends That’ll Have You Saying Whaaa…? Why?! WTF?

If you look and people and wonder "Why would you do THAT in the name of beauty?" this post is for you!

33 Hilarious Examples of Irony in the Real World

There’s no better way to process that absurdity of life than to laugh at it and ourselves. Gathered here are some of the funniest examples of irony we've found.

32 Memes for Neat Freaks and the Tortured Souls Who Love Them

If you find yourself telling your loved ones not to touch the towels in the bathroom or unfold the "display" blanket on the couch, then these memes are all about you.

28 Vacation Fails That Will Make Staying Home The Best Idea Ever

Dying for a vacation? These vacay fails might just change your mind about leaving home...

40 Memes Only Overly Competitive People Will Appreciate

You know that feeling you get at the first snap of a ball or blow of the whistle? That sweaty hands, heart racing feeling? These competitive people get it too!

50 Fun and Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know

If you love knowing fun, interesting, and random information, then you are going to love these fifty facts!

35 Funnies For People Who Are a Little Too Attached to Their iPhones

If you're someone who wouldn't touch an Android phone with a 10-foot pole, you need to see these memes for people who love their iPhones!

30 Memes Only Parents of Teenagers Will Truly Appreciate

Having teenagers is probably the worst parenting stage. Here are some of the things about parenting teens that are so awful they're funny.

30 Memes That Only People Who Love Saving Money Will Understand

Going out and spending money is for suckers. You can stay home and read these funny memes for free instead!

26 Breathtaking Images That Are Actually Quite #Amazing

For many people, an opportunity to travel the world would be a dream come true. Our planet is packed full of miraculous wonders and indescribable beauty greater than anything you could ever imagine.

25 Images of Cooking Disasters That Will Make You Appreciate Your Own Skills More

If it takes you an hour to make minute rice don’t be hard on yourself, there’s always someone whose disasters in the kitchen will make you feel like a pro.

30 Memes That Only People Who Avoid Conflict Will Understand

Are you a person who will avoid conflict at all cost, even when it starts to be a little ridiculous? Then you'll be able relate to some of these funny memes!

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