30 So Over It Memes For Anyone With An Ex

Relationship hindsight is definitely 20/20. And these memes are all about being so totally over him (or her) that you can't figure out what you were doing in the first place.

Get Down n’ Nerdy With These 34 Math Memes

If you are one of those who thinks math is a bore, your eyes might glaze over here in a few minutes. But, for those of us who have always secretly (or not so secretly) loved math, these 34 Math Memes will provide a much needed laugh!

31 Badass Quotes For Those Of You Who Live Life Unapologetically

Whether you woke up feeling like you could take on the world or you woke up whimpering for your mom, these quotes will pump you up and send you out into the world ready to do battle with your day.

36 Dope Memes For 4/20. Pun Intended.

If you just heard Coach Steve's voice as you read "Pun intended", we can be friends and you will enjoy the hell out of this post. DUDE. What if Memeing on 4/20 is like giving a Valentine on 2/14? Does that make it a High Holy Day? You're welcome ;)

33 Cuttingly Caustic Memes For All You Snark Meisters

Sarcasm and snark are the natural defenses to handling folks with an intellect rivaled only by garden tools. If suffering fools gladly (and without comment) isn't for you, then these memes definitely will be.

35 Hilarious Zuckerberg Memes That We Obviously Have To Share

Poor Mark. He's been through a lot the past couple weeks. Fortunately for us, it's pretty much the best thing to happen to memes since Trump. Don't hate us Zuckerberg, we had to.

33 Memes Because We All Love Book Club

Book lovers excitedly join groups of other readers to discuss the latest and greatest novel, but there seem to be other reasons people are loving book clubs these days!

34 Painfully Funny Memes All About Dating

We have the perfect collection of memes that will show you that you're not the only person who regrets dating a birthday clown (twice).

29 Awesome Memes For Anyone Living The Thick Thigh Life

Having thunder thighs doesn't have to be a negative thing. Here are 29 memes that give us more reasons to love our thick thighs for all the things they do for us, and despite all trouble they give us.

30 Bad Hair Day Memes For You To Comb Over

Humidity. Wind. Curls. Children. Lack of time. All culprits for causing bad hair days. And if you've got hair on your head, you know exactly what we're talking about.

32 Fed Up Memes For Parents Tired Of Homework Time

If you can't take another homework session with your kids without resorting to drastic mood altering interventions, then maybe take a look at these memes. They won't make doing the homework any easier but the endorphins from laughing can't be beat.

33 Adorable Memes All About How Hard It Is to Parent Toddlers

Toddlers are tiny tornadoes that spin through your life leaving a disaster zone of tears, cheerios, and sippy cups in their wake. But they're so cute, that you might not even care.

33 Memes For Every Poor Soul Working In A Cubicle

No image more accurately sums up the soul crushing dullness of modern office work than a picture of a half-walled cubicle. If you work in a cubicle then you'll totally get these 33 memes all about the annoyances that life in close contact with your co-workers brings.

18 Bizarre And Beautiful Weather Phenomena From Around The World

From raining spiders in Brazil to giant snowballs washing up on Siberian beaches, weather phenomena can be fascinating, frightening, and just plain bizarre.

38 Spot-On Memes That Nail What It’s Like To Be Married

If you can't trust your spouse to not judge you when you have diarrhea after eating too much Indian food, who can you trust? These 38 memes are all about the beauty of being with someone who knows the deep down, unpretty truth about who you are.

31 Memes For People Who Have Happily Opted Out Of Having Kids

Having kids isn't for everyone, but seeing the funny in the childless-by-choice lifestyle definitely is. Now, if only you could get your parents to give up on their dreams of grandkids, life would be bliss.

33 Snoozey Memes For Anyone Who Loves To Nap

Naps are Nirvana. Unfortunately, no one offers adults nap time and for most of us, that means that naps are a true luxury. So if your day is stacked to the sky and you won't have time to get in a nap, then try reading these memes.

41 Hilariously Accurate Memes About Getting It On When You’re Married

It's a cultural joke that once a couple gets married they stop having sex. But is it true? Depends on who you ask. Either way, our recommendation? Put the kids to bed, have Alexa play some Marvin Gaye, and make somethin' happen... ;)

32 Profanity Laced Memes For Every Shameless Potty Mouth

If you're one of those people who loves to pepper your conversation with enough profanity to make a sailor blush, then you're going to love these 32 memes all about the blissful relief that comes when you're able to just let loose and let the curse words flow.

28 Reminders To Love Your Body

We've found lots of reason to love our bodies, no matter the size or shape. Let's all avoid body-shaming this year, and find all the things about ourselves that we can appreciate and embrace.

30 Times Autocorrect Ruined Your Swag

The person who invented autocorrect has changed the texting ballgame for people around the world, BUT then there are times when autocorrect just makes things worse and ends up making you look like a fool. It's a love & hate thing, for sure.

35 Things We All Think When We Throw On The First Swimsuit Of The Season

The struggle between choosing kale or ice cream becomes even harder as the temperatures creep up reminding us that summer is just around the corner. Even if you love summer, you can relate to that dreaded fear of putting on your swimsuit for the first time!

32 Funny Little Memes That’ll Give Short People The Grins

If you or someone you know is vertically challenged then you'll love these very funny memes all about the lofty highs and the itty-bitty lows (pun definitely intended) of being short.

30 Memes That Are Meta AF

As if normal memes weren’t dangerous enough time sucks, the meta meme is a meme about memes which should mean double the fun. Let's take a trip down the meta meme rabbit hole, shall we?

35 Passive Aggressive Memes That You’ll *Actually* Appreciate

Nobody has time to deal with passive aggressive nonsense. But we all have time to read some funny memes all about how people have taken passive aggressive behavior way too far.

30 Extreme Memes About Things We’d Do Anything For

Love. Money. Nutella. A new episode of Stranger Things. What are the things in your life you'd do anything for?

33 Addicting Memes For People Who Can’t Stop Playing Games On Their Phones

Smart phone games can suck the time from your day faster than just about anything. That's probably why these memes all about how addicting these games can be are so funny. Enjoy!

36 Achingly Funny Memes For People Just Catching On That They’re Old

Once in a while something reminds us that we’ve somehow slipped the boundaries of youth and are headed into the wide open fields of getting older. Those moments come upon us without warning, but they’re also kind of hilarious.

30 Emo Tinged Memes For Anyone Parenting A Teenager

If you're in the middle of parenting a child dealing with surging hormones, underdeveloped decision making capability, and breathtakingly unbelievable laziness, then you're going to enjoy laughing at these 30 awesome memes about how much "fun" it is to parent a teen.

34 Seriously Sassy Rotten eCards

Rotten eCards give us a way of expressing our most petty issues with someone in the sassiest, most sarcastic way possible. We've filed through dozens of hilariously snappy and sassy ecards to bring you your daily dose of snarky malarkey.

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