32 On Point Memes For Every Perfectionist

These 32 memes all poke a little fun at the struggle it is to be a perfectionist in an imperfect world. And having a laugh in the middle of your day is its own kind of perfection.

34 Memes For Anyone Who Is So Done With Fake, Two Faced People

We all know those people who are nice to our face and then turn around and tear us down behind our backs. Ain't nobody got time for that. These 34 memes will inspire you to drop all of the fake, two faced people from your life.

33 Bachelor Memes To Get You Ready For The Season Finale

Will it be Lauren on Becca? No clue, here. But these 33 Bachelor memes will tide you over until the big finale by reminding you of all the things that you love (and hate) about your favorite reality show.

33 Incredible, Perfectly Timed Photos

We gathered some of the coolest once-in-a-lifetime random events and perfectly-timed moments that capture the beauty, humor, and just plain awesomeness of life!

And The Winner Is…These 33 Awesome Oscar Night Memes

Do you love the Oscars? Maybe you hate the Oscars? Either way, if you have a sense of humor you'll love this collection that celebrates all that is a bit ridiculous about Oscar night.

33 Memes For People Who’d Just Rather Stay Home

If you're one of those people who'd rather snuggle up with your Facebook feed while binge eating some potato chips on a cold Saturday night, then these 32 memes will make you realize that you're not alone.

30 Funny Memes Every Health Care Professional Will Appreciate

Being a Health Care Professional is one tough job. You see a side of us all that *we* don't even want to see. You take care of us when we are at our worst and you do it with a smile...usually. ;)

37 Work Related Tweets For You To Enjoy Now That The Work Day Is Over

For those of us who drag ourselves to work each morning, fueling our days with a constant stream of coffee, and who seek respite with a few stolen moments in the bathroom with our phones, well, these 37 Workplace Tweets are just for us.

24 Reminders That The Most Important Part Of Living Is Learning

People always say it's better to learn from life's lessons than ignore them. These quotes remind us of just that! May we live life fully and learn from each moment.

30 Men In Uniform Memes Because Ladies Love ‘Em

All we ask of any man is for him to be all that he can be....seems reasonable. ;) There's just something about a man in uniform... Enjoy!

33 Unbelievable Vintage Ads For Products That Are Still Around

No matter how crazy you think things are in the world, rewind several decades and it just gets stranger. This collection of creepy and bizarrely funny vintage ads for brands we still use today will make you laugh (or shudder) in disbelief.

34 Inspirational Reminders That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Amazing

You don't have to be perfect to be amazing. It is one of the grand endowments of the human soul to not only recognize beauty in the midst of chaos, but to be beautiful in spite of it. What if it was okay to give yourself a break?

33 Masterfully Sarcastic Cards – Work Edition

When it comes right down to it, work is probably the reason that sarcasm was invented. If you like sarcasm, but don't like work then these 33 sarcastic cards are going to make your day.

35 Memes For People Who Are SOOOO Tired Of Waiting

When you feel like you might actually grow old and die while waiting for something to happen, laughter can make the time pass faster.

33 Moments That Remind You Why Ellen Is The Best

Whether you are an avid watcher of The Ellen Degeneres Show or not, you have to admit that she is funny. We want to celebrate her big birthday by looking back at some of her funniest and best moments!

35 Times Comedians Made Us Laugh Out Loud

After a long day, it is easy to wallow or to veg out on the couch. But these comedians make us laugh, reminding us that everyone has those awkward, difficult moments. What better way to get over it than to laugh!

34 Deliciously Funny Tidbits For Bacon Lovers

If you love bacon, you're going to enjoy these 34 bacon bits. Maybe not as much as bacon, but it will be close.

Your 33 Hilarious Uber Tweets Have Arrived

There's nothing like taking an Uber to make you appreciate the blissful experience of driving yourself somewhere! These 33 hilarious tweets capture the essence of modern day ride-sharing with all of it's highs and lows.

33 Quotes That Remind You To Love And Accept Who You Are

Learning how to love and believe in yourself is an age-old struggle. When much of the world seems bent on mass-producing single-flavor personalities, it’s certainly cathartic and inspiring to hear encouraging reminders that it’s not only okay to be unique in the world, it’s something to celebrate.

35 Walking Dead Memes And Things To Get You Ready For The Midseason Premier *Previous Season Spoilers*

Every Walking Dead fan will gladly tell you all about how ridiculous this or that episode was for this or that reason, all the while acknowledging that we are talking about a show about zombies. Zombies. There are still rules people!! If you love Walking Dead, you will enjoy these!

47 Hilarious CrossFit Memes Just In Time For The Open

Let people say what they want about CrossFit. If you've actually tried it, you know. You get it. CrossFit is meaningful and vivid and shared. It is also funny. If you love CrossFit, you are going to *love* these memes.

40 Awesome Science Memes For Your Inner (Or Outer) Nerd

On a scale of 1 to Sheldon, how nerdy are you? These memes about all things science will make you laugh AND test your science IQ.

21 Meme Stars Get A Glam Makeover With Hilarious Results

Those Facebook makeup apps are so much fun that we decided to plug some of our favorite meme stars into the app and the results are hilarious!

36 Winter Olympics Memes To Laugh At While Pyeongchang 2018 Comes To An End

The Winter Olympics brings us regular folk together to gawk at incredible displays of athleticism and sportsmanship. These memes capture the sarcastic side of the average viewer, showing that sometimes it really is just fun and games.

30 Times People Literally Lost Their Minds Over The Word Literally

The word literally has driven wordies crazy for years. Does that literally make you want to puke? If so, then you're going to love these 31 memes that humorously explore what the word literally actually means.

33 Hilariously Random Thoughts That You *Know* Have Crossed Your Mind

Sometimes, the only motivation we need is a healthy laugh. Randomness can break up the monotony of your day, so let these equally off-the-wall quotes give you a good old-fashioned chuckle.

30 Of The Coolest Optical Illusions Ever Created In Real World Photos

These 30 photos were snapped at just the right moment and from just the right angle to make you question what you're seeing, making them some of the coolest optical illusions we've ever seen. #mindblown.

31 Memes For Those Of Us Who Tend To Be Our Own Worst Critic

Ever see a picture of yourself and have the urge to throw your phone? Ever hear a joke you told and think "what a dork"? If you're a little critical of yourself, we understand! These memes get at the heart of the ways we're way too hard on ourselves.

34 Hilarious Times Dads Proved They Can’t Be Left Alone With The Kids

We gotta love Dads who are still kids at heart, even if their playful adventures and creative problem-solving might make us shake our heads. These hilarious images sure seem to show why dads can’t be left alone with the kids.

33 Of The Funniest Passive-Aggressive Office Notes Left Throughout The Workplace

Much to the delight of spectators, passive-aggressive office notes do not often go unanswered. If you’ve ever been a part of a note war you will laugh at this collection of the funniest examples of passive-aggressive notes we’ve ever found.

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