33 Duckface Memes For Every Selfie Lover (Or Hater)

What did people do before selfies? So much time these days is spent editing the perfect selfie for upload to our social media account. Then again, that ego boost that comes when your new selfie has a ton of likes is pretty awesome, right? So whether you love selfies or hate 'em this post has a great angle that everyone will appreciate.

33 Memes About The Eternal Struggle To “Just Go Play Outside”

Children used to go outside and play. Blame it on electronics or global warming but getting kids (or ourselves) outside in the great outdoors has become increasingly difficult. These memes show how real the struggle is.

32 Of The Big Problems Facing Women With Small Boobs

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but when you got small boobs you got small boob problems.

32 Memes That Show Just How Much We Can Learn From Animals

Animals may not be able to give us pithy (empty) advice, but we can learn a lot from watching what they do. If you're paying attention, animals have a lot to teach you.

30 Examples Of Why Dealing With The TSA Sucks (The Beginning Of The Beginning)

If you want to go anywhere on a plane these days you have to deal with the TSA. It's not all bad. When was the last time you waited in a long line and then had someone grab your crotch like that? Oh. Yeah. It is all bad. Yay. Well anyway, enjoy!

33 Grumperoo Memes For Anyone Wearing Their Crabby Pants Today

Whatever the reason you're in a bad mood, these memes will speak to your cantankerous soul. They may not be able to jolly you out of your funk, but they'll at least leave you feeling a little less alone in your blue period.

34 Times You Knew She Was Mad But Weren’t Sure Why

It seems a little bit of a betrayal to the feminist cause to admit that women can be hard to understand when we get mad. But the ironic contrast between what women do when they're mad and the intense boiling lava of negative emotion stuffed deep inside are what make these 34 on point memes so totally hilarious.

32 Reasons We Love To Hate The English Language

Here are 32 examples of how amazing, and how amazingly rotten, can be the English language. Herein, you will find bits about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you think that last sentence was composed in order to utilize the Oxford comma, you are right! And yes, this paragraph is actually grammatically correct.

30 Incendiary Firefighter Memes To Get Your Fire Started

Want a perfect way to end your day? How about some funny memes about gorgeous men who save people from burning buildings...shirtless?

33 Hilariously Perfect Responses To Hostile Notes Left By The Undercover Office Police

Granted, it's super annoying when people who are less than scrupulous about their personal hygiene or have liberal interpretations of personal property rights show up to work. But these hilarious responses to passive-aggressive notes *almost* make it worth it.

What Do Men Want? Answered In 34 “It’s Not That Complicated” Memes

If you're a woman, you probably spend some part of your day trying to figure out what the men in your life want. If you're a man, you spend your days thinking about sex and lunch. See. It's not that complicated. But it is pretty funny.

33 Stubborn Memes For The People In Your Life Who’d Rather Die Than Be Wrong

If you'd rather spend three hours on the internet searching for any source that will back you up in an argument, then you're gonna love these 33 memes all about how "wrong" is not in your vocabulary.

33 Graph-ic Memes For The Visual Learner

Graphs and Charts are tremendous resources for portraying complex data in an easy-to-understand image. They are also great resources for a good, hearty belly laugh!

33 Laugh It Off Memes For All This End Of The World Business

When the rest of us are being chased by zombies and scrambling to deal with nuclear winter, Preppers will be safe and sound. So laugh now, because you might not be able to laugh later.

32 Mother’s Day Memes For Moms With A Sense Of Humor

These 32 Mother's Day Memes are sure to put a smile on her face, which is all she ever really wanted for Mother's Day anyway. And naps. Lots and lots of naps. Don't forget the naps.

28 Fashion Disaster Trends From The 80s That You Loved Way Back When

The fashions of the 80s seem pretty extreme today, but if you dig around in your closet you probably have a prairie skirt or Members Only jacket that you just couldn't bear to part with. Right?

35 Memes About The Dreaded High School Reunion

For anyone who wants to see which of their friends from high school had kids, gained weight, or became successful, they can always check Facebook. Or, they can attend their high school reunion. We found 35 memes that give you a good idea of what to expect.

35 Red Faced Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Mortified

There's nothing funny about being embarrassed. Unless it's happening to someone else. Other people's embarrassing moments are incredibly funny.

38 Memes Celebrating All Mothers And How Amazing They Are

If you're a mom, these quotes are for you. And if you have a mom, make sure you let her know just how amazing she is.

31 Woodsy Memes About Camping In The Great Outdoors

It's that time of year when people start to feel that itch to go outside. Some people even have the desire to pack up some stuff and camp for a weekend, fully embracing the outdoors with all of its good and bad!

38 Melodramatic Memes For Anyone Dealing With A Self-Styled Diva

If you're dealing with the the melodrama and histrionics of a drama queen in your circle then you'll love these 38 memes all about managing life with a self-styled Diva.

34 “I’m So Broke…” Memes Anyone Can Afford To Laugh At

Your bank account may be empty, but we've got a wealth of being broke memes saved up for you. Being broke is no joke, but we're going to go ahead and laugh about it anyway.

34 Lines Men Use When They Think They Have Game… And Y’know, They Actually Might

Feel free to use any of these pick up lines for fun, but we wouldn’t advise using them on someone you sincerely like. Unless your goal is to make her laugh in your face. Then yes, these are perfect.

39 Art History Memes That Hilariously Bridge The Gap Between Then And Now

Leave it to the good people of the Internet to bridge cultural and generational gaps with hilarious interpretations of classical art. Seems like there's truth to that whole "art is the universal" language theory after all, because these 39 memes are totally on point.

36 Memes For Dealing With Stupid People

We all have to deal with stupid people, some more than others. Even the nicest of us can find it difficult to not point out their stupidity. Here are 39 memes that make stupid people seem more funny and a lot more bearable.

36 Snarky Parenting Thoughts You’d Never Say Out Loud

If you're constantly biting your tongue to keep from targeting your kids with sarcastic quips, then you'll love these 36 snarky parenting thoughts *other* people said.

35 Times A Cartoon Shared Your *Adult* Thoughts… Or Would If Public Broadcasting Wasn’t So Uptight

Cartoons may look innocent, and PBS may vehemently argue that they indeed are, but c'mon, have you seen some of the stuff Spongebob and Arthur are doing!? Sorry guys, you make it too easy for our dirty adult minds. Ha, enjoy!

32 Hilariously Unreasonable Memes That Anyone With A Toddler Will Relate To

These toddlers, generally sweet and snuggly, have lost their minds. To all of you out there in the heat of the toddler battles, it seems that when dealing with the irrationality that plagues all two to five year olds, you just gotta snap a pic, laugh, and slowly drag your child back to the car.

32 Up All Night Memes For Parents Of Newborns

Having a newborn is tough. Between the lack of sleep, the constant demands of a creature that can't be reasoned with, and the surging hormones, it can be hard to see the humor in it all. But these 32 memes will help you find the funny.

Servin’ Up 34 Restaurant Memes Much More Satisfying Than That $16 Salad

At a restaurant, hilarity and frustration can be as abundant as bottomless chips and salsa. This collection of memes will satisfy your hunger while you wait for your waiter to stop flirting with the table next to you.

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