When Holiday Family Dinner Has You Wondering Who’s Going Down First

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, which means families are gathering for supper and to argue, ridicule, and seek dominance by leg-wrestling. So weird.

The Kids Are Home On Break. Break? For Who?

We love having our kids home on break. We really do. We just want them to find something else to do other than fight and tell us they're hungry five minutes after they eat breakfast.

When The Weirdest Couples End Up Being The Freaking Cutest

We all have very different ideas about how *our* ideal relationship might appear, but we can all agree these folks are reaching for *their* ideal already!

Siblings. You Didn’t Pick Them But They’re Yours

Aw Siblings. Sometimes, they bring a random candy to you or offer to watch your kids. So that makes it all worth it. Right?

Thanksgiving: We’re Really Only There For The Food

We all know Thanksgiving is really just about the food. Fifteen different pie options makes dealing with your family worth it... Well, almost ;)

We Need Breathalyzers To Unlock Our Phones. And Our Brains.

It's the weekend so where does that leave us? Texts. Sexts. Drunk “Heyyyyys”. And we know some of you are good with 3 y's, a bottle, and a song about your body being a wonderland.

Parents On Twitter Telling You How It Really Is. Like You Didn’t Already Know.

Being a parent is hard. But also kinda hilarious. Parents are turning to Twitter to tell us all about it...

Vanity Plates Are Like Mobile Billboards. For Hilarious Douchery.

Aren't vanity plates just a little weird rolling into 2019? Like that 40-plus white guy who doesn't work in the music industry but still wears a soul patch...

Camouflaged Cuteness Ambush In 3 – 2 – 1…

Cuteness comes in many shapes, sizes, and... odors? And who among us doesn't love a little hide-and-go-seek?

EXCELSIOR! Marvelous Cameos Of A Hero We *All* Deserved

A short, funny tribute to an artist and philosopher who shaped generations of minds by making us question what is truly possible - Mr. Stan Lee

Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Fine, We’re Not To Self-Loathing. Yet.

Feeling insecure? Anxious? Don't worry, it will be fine. Actually, it probably won't because telling an anxious person "It'll be fine" is the worst.

When You’re So America Even Your Shorts Scream Freedom

These are veteran booties and today is Veteran's Day. So we're gonna stay out of the way, keep ice packs in the freezer, that good 1600mg Motrin out of reach, and be ready with a fire extinguisher - and a camera.

Is Anything More Poetic Than Christmas Stealing Turkey Day?

The second-most anglo-centric holiday on the U.S. calendar being replaced by the *most* anglo-centric holiday on the World's calendar. #Poetic

When Your Grandparents Are Pill-Bottle Poppin’ Life Goal Legends

We just want to be like these Spectacularly Seasoned angels-to-be, we think they're living their best life... However much of it remains.

Breaking News! The Craziest Crap Happening Around The Globe!

These are screenshots. Largely from Instagram. We know you want to think of them as actual news or whatever but they really just probably are not that.

The Wild World Calls, We Bring New Hilarious Perspectives!

Even with opposable thumbs and vocal cords, are we really that far ahead? Here are some of our woodland friends doing a better job *humaning* than any of you.

When Your DMs Are All Aubergine🍆, All The Time

We know you think this is an eggplant, but it's also an aubergine, amongst other things and thingies.

Thoughts You Know You Were Thinking, We Just Said Them Out Loud

We know that you've had at least three of these thoughts since your last cup of coffee. We also know you wondered how crazy you were for having at least one of them...

Why Am I Late? You Told Me The Right Time. That’s On You.

Listen. Some of us are just always late. The sooner you accept that, the better.

When Love + Time = Anything Goes

After a certain point in a relationship you find yourself being, idk, the most authentic version of yourself and somehow neither of you cares. Well, ain't that something.

“What The Hell Did They Just Say To Me?” Volume One

How many of these do you know without reading ahead? How many will you read and then ask your kid(s) about? Don't be scurred, answers ahead!

Are *YOU* A Tasty Snack, Or Do You Just Need A Candy Bar?

"Snack" can have multiple meanings with regard to human interaction. So we found some stuff to make it more clear for you. Except we probably made it less clear.

When Your Friends Are Your Life And Love And Supreme Pain In The Butt

Friendship is truly strange. Especially as children, right? You have no idea what you really like, and all of a sudden you're nearing 30 together. Yes, 30. STFU.

When Being Preggo On Halloween Actually Pays Off

Long story short… It’s Halloween and we’re gonna be busy with our kids, so here are some moms and their babies in the kid’s first costumes. Literally.

All The Best Slaplaughter Originals, Vol. I

Our first run of the funniest, most relatable, most poignant and uplifting, and yet savagest (and so best performing) original-ish Slaplaughter content.

Halloween Wouldn’t Be The Same Without These Two Types Of Girls

For girls on Halloween we typically have "sexy" and, well, not. Basically, we can wear underwear or swimwear and as long as there is a semi-color-matched pair of ears or a tail, it's a costume.

Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Dads Doing Their Dad Thing

Dads have a way of making life interesting. Funny. Weird. Dangerous. And the truth is, we wouldn't have it any other way. Kids need their dads. How else are they going to learn how to do things... differently? Haha. Enjoy!

When The Universe Sits You Down To Teach You Life Lessons…

These are not the typical "mom just sat you down to teach you about life" kind of lessons. Which is what makes them so effing fantastic. Go ahead. Decide for yourself...

Lazy Is Lazy, No Matter Who You Are

It's not a bad thing to be lazy, as long as you don't do it all of the time. Let these animals show you what an unhealthy dose of lazy really looks like.

21 Phone Power Memes To Leave You 100% Recharged

A toddler has been playing with a tablet on the floor next to me for two hours straight and it's still at 80%, but here is some funny stuff to read right befo-

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