35 Passive Aggressive Memes That You’ll *Actually* Appreciate

Nobody has time to deal with passive aggressive nonsense. But we all have time to read some funny memes all about how people have taken passive aggressive behavior way too far.

30 Extreme Memes About Things We’d Do Anything For

Love. Money. Nutella. A new episode of Stranger Things. What are the things in your life you'd do anything for?

33 Addicting Memes For People Who Can’t Stop Playing Games On Their Phones

Smart phone games can suck the time from your day faster than just about anything. That's probably why these memes all about how addicting these games can be are so funny. Enjoy!

36 Achingly Funny Memes For People Just Catching On That They’re Old

Once in a while something reminds us that we’ve somehow slipped the boundaries of youth and are headed into the wide open fields of getting older. Those moments come upon us without warning, but they’re also kind of hilarious.

30 Emo Tinged Memes For Anyone Parenting A Teenager

If you're in the middle of parenting a child dealing with surging hormones, underdeveloped decision making capability, and breathtakingly unbelievable laziness, then you're going to enjoy laughing at these 30 awesome memes about how much "fun" it is to parent a teen.

34 Seriously Sassy Rotten eCards

Rotten eCards give us a way of expressing our most petty issues with someone in the sassiest, most sarcastic way possible. We've filed through dozens of hilariously snappy and sassy ecards to bring you your daily dose of snarky malarkey.

40 Pin-tastic Memes For Anyone Who Has A Passion For Pinterest

If you've ever spent $200 on craft supplies to make something you could have bought for $20, or you ordered takeout after spending the day pinning recipes, these memes are what you need to make you giggle.

31 Angry Woman Memes That Are Fine. No, Really, They’re Fine.

It's no secret that an angry woman is a force to be reckoned with. We all know from painful experience that there is real truth behind old adages like "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

25 Embarrassing Times Celebrities Should’ve Said Nothing At All

We've all had moments when we wish we could take back what we say. But you'll count yourself lucky no one's really paying attention to you after you read these quotes from celebs who probably wished they'd just kept their mouths shut.

35 Funny Memes That Will Make You Say “Yep, I’ve Done That”

Have you ever thought "does anyone else do this?" Here are some moments we think are relatable to every person, young and old, moms and dads, students and employees. So next time you think you're alone in doing something lame, remember that we all do some of the same, weird stuff!

33 Busty Memes All About Having Big ‘Ole Boobs

From the struggle to find a bra in the right size to the sheer agony of trying to engage in any kind of cardio, being a well endowed woman brings with it a host of problems. These 33 memes are all about how having a big bust can be, well, a big bust.

31 Memes For Zumbaholics

"Dance like no one is watching." That's some solid life advice right there. And it's one thing to dance like no one is watching in the comfort of your home, but have you ever tried it in a room full of strangers, with mirrors on all sides? That, right there, is called Zumba.

33 Memes For Coffee Addicts

Coffee definitely counts as a magic potion. By simply pouring boiling water over magic beans we create a simmering brew that has the power to restore our energy and wake us up from even the most powerful, deep sleeps. Pure magic.

35 Resting Bitch Face Memes For Anyone Who’s Ever Said “This Is Just My Face”

If anyone has ever accused you of having RBF, then you'll want to see these 35 hilarious memes for people who have are always trying to explain "I'm not mad, my face just looks like that!"

33 Memes For Everybody Who’s Had Enough Of This Adulting Thing

"Be a grown up," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. We're not sure who "they" are, but "they" totally lied to us. So if you're pretty much over the whole "adulting" thing then these 33 memes are for you.

30 Funny Memes About Going To The Doctor That Make The Waiting Room Worth It

Very rarely does a trip to the doctor's office turn out to be enjoyable. Sometimes, the actual medical procedure isn't even the worst part. Whether you're caught up in paperwork or just plain frustrated by the wait, we have the memes to get you through the pain.

31 Super Funny Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We scoured the internet to find the most hilarious memes to serve up on your Facebook feed. The only thing these memes have in common is that they're funny as heck and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

33 Very Bunny Memes For Your Easter Celebrations

Easter arrives every year just as we begin to see touches of spring. Besides indulging in chocolate, people celebrate Easter in many ways. Here are some of the funniest reminders that Easter has arrived!

40 Too True Memes For Every Mom Who Could Use A Vacation

We'd love to give every tired mom a break, but since we can't send y'all to Hawaii here's the next best thing-40 super funny memes that won't make your mom troubles go away but will help you laugh at them.

35 Funniest Memes And Things That Will Get You Ready For April Fools

Faced with the return of April Fools Day, you have only two choices, join the shenanigans or run for your life. Either way this collection of April foolery will get you ready for the looming storm.

33 Times Kids’ Birthday Parties Got Weird And Funny At The Same Time

While kids think a Thomas the Tank Engine or Disney Princess birthday party is amazing with their gifts, activities, and cake, they're a little rough for adults. It's the weekend so if you're headed to a kids' birthday, here are some laughs to help you survive the chaos!

36 Memes For All The Happily Anti-Social People

We've put together the best memes for those anti-social members of society who prefer to just do their own thing. Your go to response to invites: "Naw, I'm good". And you really are. So close the blinds and lock the doors, it's time to laugh.

32 Fabulous Memes For Anyone Whose Animal Is Their Number One

If you're having a hard day dealing with the people in your life and you'd like nothing more than to cuddle up with your best, furry friend than you'll love these 32 memes all about people who love animals more than people.

33 Binge Worthy Memes All About Our Netflix Dependency

Netflix has revolutionized how we watch TV. And as great as it is Netflix doesn't come without a cost. As these 33 funny memes show, our relationship with Netflix has its ups and downs.

29 Funny Tipping Memes That Deserve More Than Just A Few Bucks

Whether designing funny tip jars or sharing unique receipts, we've compiled the best memes for those of us who have had our fingers crossed for that glorious 20%.

33 Bootylicious Memes For Anyone With A Little Junk In The Trunk

When you got mo' booty you got mo' problems. But since we don't want to cry about it, the best thing we can do is have a good laugh at it all with these 33 bootylicious memes.

33 Painfully Funny Memes Only Those In the Friendzone Will Understand

Wherever you stand in your travels in and out of the friendzones of your life, reframing your reality with some humor can bring a little comfort. So have some fun with these painfully funny memes that only those put in the friendzone will understand.

33 Memes Recognizing How Funny Giving Birth Can Be

When a mom goes into labor there's nothing funny about it. Except the following memes that poke fun at all the misery women go through in the delivery room.

35 Awkwardly Funny Memes About First Date Shenanigans

We all know the pressures that come with first dates: finding the perfect outfit, deciding what to order, trying not to drink too much. It's awkward. And that's what makes these 35 memes so funny.

32 Memes Dedicated To Neat Freaks… Just In Time For Spring Cleaning

The kind of neat freak dedication to a clean house is beyond most of us. So in the spirit of spring cleaning, here are 32 memes all about people who love to clean. Maybe it'll get us into the mood.

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