All The Best Memes And Things About Growing Up In The 80’s

We found 39 of the most wonderful, dangerous, and nostalgic things about the 80's for all those kids that grew up in a time that feels gone forever.

35 “The Horror” Memes For The Apocalyptic Moment You Have To Put On A Swimsuit

If your first thought when summer rolls around is how to hide the rolls around your middle while wearing a swimsuit then these memes are for you.

38 Memes For All Those People Who Can’t Function In The Morning

For all those people who are late to rise and hate mornings in general, we found 38 memes just for you.

34 Times Wendy’s Roasted The Competition On Twitter

We're happy to announce that Wendy's twitter lives up to its company slogan, serving up the freshest (and never frozen) roasts that prove Wendy's sure isn't playing around when it comes to beef.

31 Memes For Anyone Whose Interior Monologue Is Stuck On Self-Snark

Sometimes you just need to be reassured that you're not alone in being your worst critic. These relatable memes are all about how sometimes the worst snark monsters are the ones we sic on ourselves.

31 Memes For Anyone Who Considers WebMD Their Primary Care Physician

WebMD Memes
It's no secret that the internet tends to be a little...dramatic when it comes to diagnosing people, yet, we do it anyway. And one thing is certain...nothing will make a hypochondriac out of you faster than taking to the internet when you're not feeling well!

31 Auto Correct Memes That Will Have You Ralphing… *Rolling

If you're having one of those days where auto correct seems possessed by a devil, then you'll love these memes that'll show it could be worse.

21 Ecards Perfect For Those Of Us Who Love To Hate Our Siblings

Need the perfect ecard for your sibling? Yeah, well we didn't find one about our brother throwing a pitcher of orange juice on us either, but whatev, these will do. Enjoy!

36 More Memes That Prove Just How Much We Hate Our Jobs

We all have those days at work where we ask ourselves, "Is the paycheck worth this?" You're not the only one feeling this way. We found a collection of hilarious and painfully accurate memes that are sure to help you survive that upcoming team productivity workshop.

33 Outrageous Kanye West Quotes That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

One of the rap industries most controversial figures has a habit of saying some of the craziest things. We found 33 Kanye West quotes that will leave you shaking your head.

23 “Still The Baby” Memes For Any Youngest Children

If you're the youngest, everyone probably treats you like you're the baby, even now that you're 37. Well, we won't. Enjoy these memes all about youngest child woes.

24 Coffee Shop Memes That Are Spot On

Do you like to work at coffee shops? Perhaps, you sit and read the newspaper before heading home after a long day? Or maybe you grab a to-go latte every day from your favorite barista? If this resonates with you, then you've definitely experienced some of these coffee shop moments!

All The Best Deadpool Memes We Could Find Without Getting Too R Rated

Our favorite superhero in red (sorry Spiderman and Ironman) has made it big with his second movie because of his willingness to cross that line other heroes won't go near. Enjoy some of his inappropriate humor with these memes.

37 Hysterical Parenting Tweets Anyone Raising Kids Can Relate To

When parents take to Twitter, they can release all the pent-up stress and hair-pulling frustration from raising a child and channel it in the form of hilarious, relatable quips and jokes. Our list of parenting tweets is guaranteed to make you laugh, whether you're a parent or not.

33 Reminders That Being Kind Is Always A Right Choice

In the face of nastiness and name calling, we can still reach out with kindness and charity as these memes encourage.

34 Totally Awkward Memes For Anyone Headed On A First Date

First dates are a veritable mine field of ways to make a fool of yourself, as these 34 memes clearly demonstrate.

30 Totally Beachin’ Memes

Whether lounging on a beach, or dreaming up your next beach vacation, you'll get a kick out of these 30 salty beach memes!

24 Fitnessy eCards For All Enthusiasts And Those Of Us Who Are *Less* So

Abs and glutes don't build themselves and we've got goals! Let these eCards get you pumped for your next sesh!

31 Decorating Memes For Those Of Us With High Aspirations And Mediocre Skills

Home decorating projects always seem like a good idea until you realize the cost, effort, and marital strife that are likely to follow. Instead, why not read these memes about other people finding out the realities of home improvement.

32 Times Our Problems Were So 2018

First world problems are definitely humbling in the larger scheme of life; however, there are some times when life is frustrating simply because it isn't quite as convenient, quite as fulfilling, or quite as fast as we would like. That's when our problems become so 2018.

30 Memes For Every Pott Head Wondering What’s Up With Their Favorite Cast

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you have likely followed the real and fictional lives of the people who brought Harry, Hermione, Ron, and friends to life on the big screen. Since the last Harry Potter movie in 2011, you might have wondered where they are now. Turns out they are just as magical as ever.

36 “Pack it Up” Memes That Prove Moving Is The Worst

Nobody likes the process of moving, and yet we all have to do it at some point in our lives. We found 36 memes that show why we all hate moving (or helping someone else move).

30 Of The Best Big Dog Memes

If you have a big dog, then you'll love these hugely awesome memes for lovers of XL canine pals.

30 Chill Memes For Anyone With A Netflix Password

It's a brave new world Netflix has made and we adore it. If you love Netflix you'll love bingeing on these Netflix memes.

33 Memes From People On The Internet Telling It Like It Is

These memes are hand picked for those of you who aren't afraid to tell it like it is, and can laugh at brutal honesty in it's most hilarious form.

Meanwhile, Teachers On Summer Break Be Like…

Teachers and firefighters, they're absolute heroes... This is for our Teachers who are trying to regain sanity this summer! Enjoy!

30 Of The Best “I Wish” Memes For Anyone With A Sarcastic Blue Fairy

Whether it's jealousy over the lavish lifestyle of celebrities or simply the desire to find a best friend to share memes with, we all wish we could shape life a little differently in our favor. This collection of hilarious scenarios and dreams will surely have you wishing for things that may never be.

With Friends Like This, Who Could Ask For More In 33 Hilarious Memes

Good friends are as timeless as memes, and this list we've collaborated on (with our besties) is sure to make you laugh with that one friend in mind. Especially if they're reading them with you.

33 Memes For Anyone Who Loves To Tell People They’re Wrong

Let's be honest, it feels nice to be able to correct someone who's said something lame or stupid. And the only thing as good as that feeling may be these 33 memes for anyone who loves to tell people they're wrong.

32 Memes For Those Of You Happily Not Taking Part In All That Marriage Stuff

We can't all be the friend getting married, having kids, and growing up. One friend in the circle has to be the person who stays single for so long it starts to get awkward. So, even if all your friends are getting married, there is still a place for you among your friends.

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