32 Memes for Parents of Newborns Because… You Weren’t Sleeping Anyway

Parents of Newborns Featured Image
Having a newborn in your home is a precious and exhausting experience and these 32 memes capture the highs and lows perfectly.

30+ Times Animals Seemed to Be Plotting Something Evil

Don't look now, but your pets may be plotting against you. Actually, you probably should look. You can never be too careful.

32 Memes For Homebodies You Can Read Without Ever Taking a Dreadful Step Outside

For people who would rather be at home, leaving the house can be the ultimate struggle. These memes are perfect for homebodies that just want to go home.

20+ Memes For “Man Flu” Survivors…You Know Who You Are

man flu featured
The Man Flu is not something to be taken lightly. Should your man become ill, stay by his side at all times, he just might die...

33 Memes That Only Perpetual People Pleasers Will Appreciate

People pleasers tend to get picked on in society, but we think there are some good things that come along with being the "yes man."

30+ Rude And Slightly Inappropriate Christmas Decorations

It is time to pull out the Christmas decoration and decorate the... Hu? These inappropriate decorations will leave you in stitches.

25 Holiday Traditions It’s Not Too Late to Start

It's easy to let the holiday season go by without participating in some fun, thoughtful holiday traditions. Here are some ideas if you want to start this year!

32 Memes That Remind Us How Insane Our Dogs Truly Are

You love your dog but they also drive you nuts! Here are 32 memes that every dog owner can relate to.

30 Memes That Only People Who Actually Like Exercise Will Understand

Working out these days is a life style for some people. A hobby even. For all you gym rats, here are some memes to get you going while you're at the gym!

33 Most Inspirational Quotes About Raising Kids

Parenting is the greatest toughest job in the world. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and encouragement to get us through the day (or the next hour).

31 Things That Made Me Laugh So Much I Peed a Little

If this random assortment of funny memes and tweets doesn't make you snort with laughter, you may be a little bit dead inside.

24 Times People Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

It's crazy how some people can fall asleep almost anywhere. You will get a kick out of these 24 times people fell asleep in the strangest places.

30+ Pets Who Have Got The ‘Who Me?’ Look Mastered After Getting Caught

Hilarious memes showing just how far pets can push their owners and still get unconditional love.

33 Memes for Those of Us Who Walk a Little Taller

Do you feel like a giraffe in a world full of penguins? If yes, you understand the life of being tall! Let's take a look at how to survive in a short man's world.

30 Relatable Memes for Those Who Just Feel Like Being Lazy Sometimes

For some, laziness is a religious creed. Here are some hilariously relatable memes that are sure to make every lazy person stand up and shout, “Amen!”

35 *More* Inappropriate Elves On Shelves (Round 2)

You asked for it. Here are a whole lot more naughty Elf on a Shelf ideas. Once again, for adults eyes only.

32 Hilariously Relatable Memes For People With Small Boobs

It's not always easy having small boobs. Especially with the latest trends we see in the media. Here are 32 Memes people with small boobs will understand.

32 Memes For Those Who Love Animals More Than People

Do you find yourself hanging out with the dog at the party and ignoring the people? Then here are 32 images you will relate to.

Who Can F**k It Up Faster? Food Edition!

Kids and Pets know no bounds when it comes to destruction. The sky is the limit when it comes to making a mess. Lock your kitchens folks, cuz they're a 'comin'...

20 Assumptions About Bisexuals That Only Buttheads Really Believe

Photo by Filippo Andolfatto on Unsplash
There's a lot of misconceptions about bisexuals in our culture today. Shatter those bad ideas by reading this insightful post into what it means to be bisexual.

30 Memes That Only People Over 30 Will Understand

One day it’s all about college buddies and parties and the next you’re knee deep in diapers and in bed by nine.

50 Random Facts About The Holidays

If you're looking for some holiday trivia to impress your co-workers at your company party, we've got you covered with these 50 random holiday facts.

30+ Parents Who Are #Winning At Parenting

"I think we've got this parenting thing nailed," said no parent ever. But at least these parents have figured out how to laugh when it hurts!

30+ Memes About PMS That Only MEN Will Understand

For every man who has a woman in his life, these are for you! Bless you for putting up with her PMS...but do NOT tell her we said that!!

30+ Memes About PMS That Only WOMEN Will Understand

It's that time of the month again and we aren't happy about it. It's a good idea for everyone to just stay out of our way. And also give us a piece of cake.

32 Surprising Images That Will Make You Look Twice

Test how sharp your imagination is and how far it can take you in this collection of photos that will have you wondering what it is you're looking at or looking for.

50 Game of Thrones Memes to Help Us Survive Until Next Season

It's hard waiting for that next season of Game of Thrones. Here are 50 hilarious Game of Thrones memes to help get to the next season.

33 Memes For the Organized, Color-Coding, Task-List Finishing People of the World

Do you love checking things off a list? Or sharing events with people you love? These people love all things organizational, too!

18 Quick Ways to Make *Sure* People Dislike You

Make-Up Driver
Sometimes it's easier to share all the things not to do in order to be a good person, so... How to be a jerk. Not comprehensive, but a good start.

30+ Memes To Mask Your Insecurity and Anxiety

Feeling insecure? You should with ears like that. These memes will help you feel better, maybe.

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