25 Incredibly Funny and Awkward Pictures With Santa

Funny Santa With Mean Girl
These Santa pictures are funny, awkward, weird and downright creepy.

20 Christmas Songs Full of Sad, Depressing, or Downright Creepy Lyrics

Christmas songs are festive and full of cheer until they're not. However, too many are actually depressing and sad. Merry Christmas!

Just 31 More Cat Funnies to Brighten Your Day

Love, disapproval, and an endless supply of loose fur - we'd be lost without these furry friends, and these cats expressions say everything we think they do!

Who’s Up For Family Game Fight? The 10 Board Games That Never Seem to End Well

scrabble fight
Watch out for these board games! They have been the cause of family fights and friendship strain for generations.

18 Tips to Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

Christmas doesn't have to be the most stressful time of the year. Use these tips to plan your holiday shopping and put the joy back in the season.

40 Great Star Wars Memes to Get You Ready for The Last Jedi

The release of The Last Jedi is days away. If you're craving a Star Wars fix until then, here are 40 funny memes to get the jedi juices flowing.

20 Gorgeous U.S. Destinations for a Back-to-Nature Vacation

Fairyland Canyon, UT
It's never too early to start thinking of where you'll go on your next vacation. Some of these stunning locations may be in your own back yard!

20 Christmas Gifts I Longed for In 1980-Something

Taking a glance back at some of the trendy and popular items I had on my Christmas list as an elementary schooler in the '80s. Christmas nostalgia is the best!

20 Words Teens Can’t Stop Saying and You Need to Know

If you're having trouble following what your teenager is saying, you're not alone. In this fun post we'll share 20 words teens love to use and help you use them too.

15 Hilarious and Somewhat Disturbing Letters to Santa

Hilarious Letters to Santa
Kids say the darnedest things. Here are 15 hilarious letters to Santa...and some threats.

24 Epic Writing Fails That Will Crack You Up

If you've ever tried your hand at writing creatively, you know how hard it can be. It's no wonder that sometimes you get hilarious stuff like this.

Can You Figure Out These 30 Hard-To-Guess Elf On a Shelf Parodies?

Jack Skellington on a Beef Wellington
Remember all the Elf on a Shelf parodies? They were too easy. If you can guess these hard ones, we are impressed!

Around the World in 18 Chuckles: Animals With Hilarious Names in Foreign Languages

Meerkat wearing lederhosen
Laugh your way around the globe with these hilarious animal names, literally translated from foreign languages

23 Peculiar Things About Being an American Abroad

When you study abroad you learn more than what you gain from the classroom. Check out these cool pics and the peculiar things I learned while abroad in Europe.

18 Times I Opened My Mouth and My Mom Came Out

As a kid I had parenthood all figured out. I knew I would be more understanding, compassionate, empathetic, and cool than my own parents. Now I'm not so sure.

18 Ideas for Including your Children in Giving Back this Christmas

Want to help your children stop thinking about "Me, Me, Me" this Christmas? Here are 18 great ideas to include your children in giving to others this season.

18 Breathtaking Locations that Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Isle of Skye, Scotland - header
Before you plan your next travel adventure, You may just wanna check out these incredibly beautiful spots around the world!

33 Eye-Popping Christmas Trees That Are Incredible Or Incredibly Awful

Take a look at these 33 eye-popping and jaw-dropping Christmas trees. Some are awesome and some are epic fails, but they're all mind blowing.

5 Must-Try Banana Varieties That Taste Better Than the Ones You Buy at the Store

Blue Java banana
Have you ever tried a blue banana? How about a Gros Michel? These 5 banana varieties are more delicious than the typical store bought kind.

20 Monday Motivations To Remind You Why Hard Work Is SO Worth It

Monday morning motivations will help you get a great start on the work week. This week it's all about the benefits of hard work. Check it out!

Spice Up Your Text Life With These 19 Under-Appreciated Emoji

If your're tired of using the same stale emoji, then you'll want to check out this hilarious post with 19 under-appreciated emoji to spice up your texting.

20 More Ridiculously Expensive Gifts

Are you craving more seriously expensive and pretty ridiculous gifts you could give this Christmas? Here are 20 more if money-were-no-object gift suggestions.

40 Times I Wish I Knew What the Cat Was Thinking

Check out these 40 cats in the oddest places. If they could talk, maybe they could explain some of this stuff. But since they can't, we took our best guess.

18 Trends that People Over 40 Just Don’t Understand

How do you feel about these 18 trends? If you're over 40 they probably seem totally bizarre. To the young (and young at heart) they're totally lit.

22 Ridiculously Expensive Gifts To Buy If Money Was No Object

If only money were no object, what ridiculously expensive and extravagant gift would you buy for that special someone in your life? Check out our ideas.

Think Your Ink: 25 Awesome Ideas That’ll Get You Planning Your First Tattoo.

forearm calligraphy tattoo
Thinking of getting your first tattoo? Here are 28 inspiring and awesome ideas to get you thinking about that ink...

20 Surprisingly Weird & Wonderful Christmas Traditions Around the World

India Christmas
Christmas is celebrated in all parts of the world. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes downright bizarre. These traditions are so weird and wonderful that you might just decide to use one or two of theme with your own family.

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