25 Celebrity Reminders That If You Can’t Say Something Smart Don’t Say Anything At All

If you've ever wished that you could take back something stupid you said, then you'll feel totally sorry for these celebrities and their foot-in-mouth outtakes.

32 Memes For People Who Might Love Animals Too Much

This collection of memes is sure to have you laughing over the silly things people do for love... of animals!

33 Memes That Try To Solve The Riddle Of What Women Want

People have been trying to solve the mystery of women for millennia. These memes aren't going to give you any real answers, but they'll make you laugh.

33 Fashion Memes That Make The Most Hilarious Statements

Clothing problems and mistakes can make for some of the most trendy yet hilarious memes.

34 Memes That Answer What Men Want In The Most Stereotypical Ways

It may not be fashionable to categorize all men into one big stereotype, but it sure is funny.

Give Stress A Rest With 18 Relatable Tweets About Anxiety

We scoured through Twitter to bring you the most amusing tweets that show dealing with anxiety is tough but at least we can laugh through it together.

21 Times Our TV Favorites Helped Us Deal With Life

When you spend more time with your TV friends than your actual friends, why would you turn to anyone else? Your TV buddies always know the funny thing to say.

33 Memes To Help You Get Your Graph On

If you like funny memes combined with smart art (like charts and graphs) you're going to love these 33 memes that bring the LOL with shapes.

33 Memes That Are More Important Than Cleaning Your House

Looking for a reason to put off the cleaning you know you should be doing? We've got your back with these hilarious cleaning memes!

33 Memes That Took An Unexpected Turn For The Funny

If you think you know how this is going, think again, because this is going to take an unexpected turn.

19 Memes Summing Up All The Reasons Why Parents Hate The Park

Kids love the park, but parents don't enjoy it nearly as much. Check out these memes that show you're not alone in your dread of a day at the park!

30 Memes That Anyone Hanging Out With Nurses Will Totally Get

Whether you are a nurse or you're just seeing one for that weird rash, read these memes and then thank nurses for putting up with our crap on a daily basis.

18 “The Curse Is Here Again” PMS Memes To Help You Through

The ups and downs of PMS can get exhausting; but just like PMS always comes back for more, we're back with a new set of PMS memes to get you through this.

30 Relationship Truths That Prove That Marriage Is Seriously Funny

After you read these memes you'll agree that marriage is an adventure and some hard work. But best of all it's seriously funny!

27 “Sorry I Wasn’t Listening” Memes For When You’re Just Not Paying Attention

If you're having a hard time tuning in to all the yammering going on around you, you'll want to pay attention to these memes because they're all about you.

33 Bath Time Memes Because Bubbles Are Where It’s At

Whether you're trying to relax, giving your kid a bath, or battling your cat or dog in the tub, we found the funniest bath time memes to dip your toes into.

21 Nike Inspired Ads Proving Name Brand Sacrifice, Actually Isn’t

Nike's Colin K/Sacrifice ad campaign is receiving a lot of heat, from formerly loyal buyers, dedicated content purveyors (like us), and the shit-posting usual suspects. #NikeAirConflagration

30 Fabulously Snarky eCards For Anyone Stuck At Work

At work? Luckily you have an internet connection so you can spend at least part of your required hours looking at hilarious memes about how much work sucks.

Because Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Here’s 37 Memes?

We found a collection of memes about breaking up that'll distract you from that broken heart long enough to forget your ex and put a smile on your face.

Anxiety Is No Joke In 37 Laughter-Inducing Memes

This collection of relatable memes will have you not only laughing, but you might even forget about your anxiety entirely (even if just for a little while).

36 “Bad Drivers Everywhere” Memes Because The Morning Commute Sucks

If you have to drive to work, then you have our sympathies because the only thing worse than going to work is having to deal with traffic.

34 Of The Most Random And Hilarious Fun With Google Suggest

We searched the internet far and wide to find the strangest Google search suggestions you can't help but laugh at (because you've probably searched them, too).

33 Blunt AF Tweets For People Totally Done With BS

If you're feeling totally done with people's social media BS then you'll love reading these memes where people were brutal in their blunt come backs.

30 Truths About Parenting We Wish Someone Had Told Us Before We Had Kids

Becoming a parent is a crash course in expedience, patience, and losing your fear of bodily fluids. Here's just a taste of some of the hard truths parents learn once they have kids.

34 Of The Best Church Signs You’ll Feel Angelic About Reading

Maybe you're not feeling like going to church today or maybe you're headed out the door to Mass, either way there's nothing like some church sign memes to get your Sunday off to a funny start.

23 Times Toys Went Hilariously Wrong In Some Sort Of NSFW Way

Your kids are always going to love to play with the most annoying toys the most, but we these toys are wrong on a-whole-nother level.

33 Bestie Memes You Can Laugh At With Your Squad

Sometimes all that keeps you from going over the edge is knowing that your bestie has your back. These memes are all about those kinds of friendships.

21 Times Good Triumphed Over Evil On Tinder & 2 Times Evil Got Past The Gate

Who even screenshots Tinder anymore? Thank goodness these fine folks did, because you absolutely need a violently convulsive laugh session after a week like this...

19 Anxiety Causing Things That Happen When You Start A New Job

Starting a new job is equal parts exciting and terrifying. These memes remind us all just what it feels like to be the new man on the team!

23 Memes About Getting Back Into The Dating Pool After Divorce

The thought of starting all over after years of thinking your days of dating were a thing of the past is enough to make you consider staying single. All the things that go through your head when you consider dating after divorce can be found in this pile of memes. So at least try to have a few laughs before you put yourself back out there.

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