30 “The Face You Make” Memes That Will Have *Your* Face Laughing

These 30 funny "That Face When" Memes show that, despite our many differences, we can all relate to how certain experiences make us feel.

32 Perfect Memes For A Lazy Sunday

If you're still in bed this morning because you're taking a lazy Sunday, these memes are for you. And if you have to be productive today, take 5 minutes to look through these 32 perfect memes that'll give you a vicarious lazy Sunday--even if you can't manage a real one.

34 Times The Gym Was Harder Than It Looked And It Was So So Funny

When you see someone failing at the gym, you could lend them a helping hand. Or maybe snap a picture and post it on the internet? Because that's what these 34 gym goers chose to do...And it's freaking funny.

37 Fun And Flirty Memes To Share With Your Significant Other

When it comes to your significant other, fun and flirty is always the way to go. From the good to the bad, the embarrassing to the downright awkward and everything in between, a significant other is someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Enjoy these together!

33 Of The Funniest Memes For Everybody Who Knows The Struggle Is Real

Navigating life can be tough. It can be pretty dark and isolating, especially when our phone batteries die. This collection proves that the “struggle is real.” It'll also make you laugh and, hopefully, help you forget your own worries for a while.

34 Memes That Will Hit Home For People Who’ve Been Single *Too Long*

Sometimes you might feel as though you're going to be forever riding solo. Whether you're newly out of a relationship or you're simply more single than a Pringle, these memes will help you realize that you're not alone.

33 Funny Memes For Every List Maker Hoping To Get Organized

Making lists is a passion for some people and a prayer for others. Regardless of the type of list maker you are, you'll find a meme that's all about you in this funny collection of 33 memes for every list maker who hopes to get organized.

33 Hilarious Memes That Anyone Over 30 Will Find Particularly Relatable

There are a lot of great things about being out of your twenties (for some of us that was a couple of decades ago but who's counting), but the bad stuff is pretty...awful. Once you pass the big 3-0 you realize that responsibilities are going to haunt you for the rest of your life. And unfortunately, your body has chosen this moment to start failing on you. Awesome. Well. Enjoy!

33 Memes For The Arrival Of Spring Which Is FINALLY Here

Spring has sprung and with it comes a mixed bag of emotions. Whether spring brings you a renewal of hope or a renewal of Zyrtec, you'll get a kick out of these 33 hilariously accurate Springtime memes.

30 Memes For Anybody Who Knows How To Stretch A Dollar

If you're one of those people who understand the truth and beauty of saving money and the art of couponing, then here's a free source of entertainment. Enjoy!

33 Hilariously Accurate Memes About Taking Kids To The Pediatrician

For the parents who have to take their kids to the pediatrician, here are 33 memes to help you get through the long wait in the doctor's office. Dealing with kids and doctors may not be fun, but it sure can be funny.

33 Memes For People Who Can’t Ever Seem To Be On Time

It's hard to be on time. Because, you know, sleep is nice. And you didn't want to be there to begin with. So if you're one of those people who figures that people should just be grateful you showed up at all, these 33 memes are for you.

33 Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Frenemy

If nothing would make you happier then watching your frenemy be taken down a notch, then you're going to love these memes about what it means to have (or be) a frenemy.

33 Memes For People Who Have Been Dieting Since Forever

Most of us are constantly on some sort of a diet--struggling to subdue our raging desire to stuff our faces with french fries and milk shakes with our rational desire to be healthy. If you've been on a diet forever then these memes are for you.

33 Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Thought “Nope. That’s Wrong.”

Don't you hate it when people say (or post) ridiculously wrong facts? But what can you do about it? You can try and convince them they're wrong or maybe just laugh it off by reading these 33 memes all about people getting it wrong in funny ways.

33 Memes For You And Your Bestie

What would we do if we didn't have at least one person that we knew we could rely on through good times and bad, through break ups and make ups and all the times in between? So for all of those BFFs out there, these 33 memes are for you.

33 Memes For All Of You Who Should Be Sleeping But Aren’t

There are lots of reasons you might not be asleep in the middle of the night, but since you're up, you might as well read these funny memes all about why you're not sleeping.

33 Green Memes Just In Time For Your St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

Drag out your green face paint and your shamrocks. It's time to celebrate with these 33 green memes that will put the funny in your St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Sláinte!

33 Effing Funny Memes For Every Admittedly Horrible Person

Listen. We know. There's a lot of stupid out there and having to put up with it is hard. But you don't do that now do you. You let your bitch flag fly. The higher the better. Which is cool. Because you own it. Besides, who among us isn't at least a *little* horrible at times...

30 Memes For All You Baby Faces Who Are Still Getting Carded After 25

Having a baby face can be a huge obstacle. These 33 memes are all about the pain and the pleasure of looking young for your age.

33 Reminders That You Never Really Know What Others Are Going Through. Be Kind.

So many of our sour moods would sweeten if our insensitivity, panic, and grief was met with unconditional kindness instead of judgment. In this collection of inspirational quotes, we are reminded to cultivate compassion and understanding for those we encounter, because we never truly know what others are going through.

33 Memes For Every Introvert

Whether you're a little bit of an introvert or a full-fledged avoider of people, these 33 memes get at what's funny about being an introvert.

25 Of The Best 90’s Toys To Give You All The Nostalgia Feels

Seems like just yesterday you were playing Super Mario World or teaching your Furby some dirty words. Take a nostalgic trip back to the 90s as we revisit some of our favorite toys.

40 Annoying Parentisms We Swore We Would Never Say, But Do Anyway!

We swore we would never, ever be so boring and predictable and irritating as our parents. Of course, the final and greatest joke is on us, as somewhere along the way we realized we had, indeed, become our parents. In this collection of parentisms are some of the best sayings we swore we’d never use, but often do.

30 Memes For Those Of Us Dealing With Crazy Antics From Our Parents Turned Grandparents

As you navigate your evolving relationship with your parents as an adult, they're also navigating their way into middle and old age. This collection of memes is all about laughing off those crazy interactions with your parents and remembering that life isn't getting any easier for either of you.

That’s Awkward… 39 People Share Their Embarrassing Moments

You're not the only one cringing with embarrassment at the memory of past awkwardness. These stories will make you cry with laughter and forget your own mortifying moments!

If You Grew Up With Siblings, We Have 33 Memes You Will Relate To

They steal your stuff, torture you for no good reason, and occasionally play with you. If you know what we're talking about then you're gonna love these memes that are all about the crazy stuff we do when we're with our brothers or sisters.

33 Memes For Anyone Needing A Chocolate Fix Right About Now

If ever there's a day where you could use a strong hit of good chocolate, it's the Monday after Daylight Saving Time. We collected some totally decadent chocolate covered memes that may give you just enough of a boost to get you over the hump of this bleck day and into tomorrow.

33 Memes For Anyone Coping With Tweenage Angst On A Regular Basis

The tween years were a toxic stew of bad hair, bad skin, mean girls, surging hormones, and out-of-control growth spurts. Doing it again with kids is no fun. These 33 memes will help you to get through.

35 Fascinating Images Of Celebrities And Their Animal Twins

We’re taking the celebrity doppelganger phenomenon one step further. We present a collection of mind-melting images of animals that look just like celebrities. Some of them even seem to share the same personalities. Have fun!

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