33 Reminders To Let Go And Move On When Life Isn’t Going Your Way

Life doesn't always turn out the way we want or expect it to. Letting go of those hopes and expectations in order to move forward is often times painful, but necessary...

36 Memes And Things For Anyone Who Has Ever Endured Pregnancy – Dad’s Count Too

Being pregnant is not easy. For moms and dads both. Growing a big 'ole baby then having to push it out, is not necessarily our idea of a good time. And Dad has to work around the clock to keep Mom happy. Good thing babies are worth it... ;)

27 Times Cosplay Totally Nailed It

If making cosplay costumes is a super power, these people definitely have it. You aren't going to *believe* how realistic some of these are!

42 Memes For Anyone Who Has Ever Had To Experience The Single Dating Scene

Navigating the single dating scene isn't easy. There are a lot of weird people out there, and the sure way to find them is by putting yourself out there in the hopes of finding love. You'll find *a lot* of things, no doubt about that, but love? Maybe if you're lucky... ;)

25 Memes And Things For Anyone Who’s Ticked Off About The Winter Storms

Old Man Winter can leave even the most positive people in bad moods, with his strong winds and icy days. If you're particularly ticked off about the snow ruining your day, these are for you... ;)

33 Memes For Everyone Who’s Excited It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

It's the freakin' weekend baby! You have two and a half days to do whatever you want until Monday comes back around. Nothing. Everything. Whatever. Just get the f**k outta work and go!

40 Absolutely Random Yet Brilliant Thoughts That You Wish You Thought Of First

Sometimes out of nowhere, random thoughts produce life’s greatest and most random bits of brilliance. Here we have collected all of those miniature mind-blowing epiphanies that make you say “whoa!” out loud.

31 Spot-On Memes For Big Dog Lovers

These are perfect for big dog lovers that know just what it means to own a large dog and love the goofball anyway.

33 Memes For Those Of Us Who Are Done Adulting For The Day

It's been a very adulty week and we're done adulting. Time to find someone adultier. Who's with us?

33 Witty Memes That Masters Of Sarcasm Will Love

Ahhh, sarcasm. Sweet sweet sarcasm. What would we do without you?

33 Memes And Things That Only Stepmoms Will Understand

Being a Stepmom is hard. This collection of memes that only stepmoms can understand celebrates your courage, heart, and choice to love someone else's children when you don’t have to.

34 Memes And Things That Show Working From Home Is Harder Than It Looks

People may think that if you're working from home, you're slacking off, but it's more complicated than naps and snacks all day...most of the time. ;)

31 Memes For People Who Don’t Have Kids And Like It That Way

People choosing the no kids life seem to be rare, but the truth is they are all around you. Just look for the well-rested eyes and the people drinking on a Monday.

34 Memes For People Who Have Given Their New Years Resolution The Middle Finger

We put so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish remarkable goals each new year. So if you're one of those people who have already given up on said remarkable goals, don't you worry, we're *sure* you're not alone....

25 Adorable Babies Who Look *Just* Like Emojis

These babies seriously look exactly like emojis. We keep looking at them and just asking ourselves HOW!? Our minds are blown. We think yours will be too. You’re welcome 😊.

39 Memes For All Single Parents Who Are Showing Us How It’s Done

Being a single parent is hard but SO rewarding. If you are a single parent you know this already. Here is a collection of memes that you can relate to, will make you laugh, inspire you, and applaud your toughness and your heart of gold.

33 Of The Most Absurd Advertising Fails We Could Find

Companies spend millions to create ads to get you to run out and buy their products. Sooooooo what happened!? Ha!

33 Memes For People Who Love Coffee More Than Anything Else

Without coffee, it's hard to function on any day. So even though it's Monday (again), these memes prove coffee can handle it because coffee can handle anything.

38 Memes And Things About Being Married That Are Hilariously Accurate

Being married is one of the most fulfilling, fun and frustrating experiences in our lives. Luckily, it's also pretty hilarious if you're married to someone who can laugh about it with you.

20+ Memes And Things For Everyone Who’s In Love With “The Greatest Showman”

It's not often that a movie comes along that captures audiences' hearts the way "The Greatest Showman" has. If you've seen it, you know what we're talking about. If you haven't, go see it, now!

31 Hilariously Altered Movie Titles We *Just Might* Go See

These altered movie titles may not *necessarily* be an improvement on the original, but they sure are funny... ;)

40 Memes That Every Teacher Will Relate To

What would we do without teachers? There's no way parents would EVER take on teaching 30 kids at a time. They don't even like helping their *one* child with homework...

50 Interesting Facts About Fitness And Health That Everyone Should Know

fitness featured image
Whether you're an experienced athlete or new to working out, some of these facts may surprise you...

23 Couples So Publicly Displaying Their Affection You’ll Gag

These people take the famous "let's get it on" to a whole new level. Here are some of the most outrageous episodes of "get a room" displays of affection we could find!

28 Powerful Reminders For Every Woman: You Can Be Fierce AND Feminine

You don't have to be one or the other. You can be Strong and Girly. Fierce and Feminine.

35 Times People Got Hilariously Called Out For Doing Something Unsafe At Work

If you’ve ever done something unbelievably (yet hilariously) unsafe at work, these guys will make you feel a little smarter about even your worst ideas.

30 Smokin’ Firefighter Memes Because Why Not!?

We have all the respect in the world for Firefighters. They're real heroes. They're also very fun to look at... ;)

30 Memes For People Who Are Snarky AF

Some people call you snarky. You call it hard honesty with a side of "is he joking?". If this sounds familiar, then you're gonna love these memes.

25 Outrageous Fashion Trends From The 80s That You Wish You Could Forget

Like it or not, 80s Fashion Trends are making a comeback. We're as surprised as you are...especially after taking this little trip down memory lane!

32 Rules To Kick Ass In Life

No matter who you are. No matter what you do. Life is hard. Kick it's ass.

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