Accurate And More Accurate. And Then There Is #accurateAF.

Sometimes we see a meme that so accurately reflects life, we can't help but send it to everyone we know. Everyone. Because it's also #hilariousAF.

The Drama Of The Meme Sharing Dilemma

We've all had it happen. We saw a meme that made us laugh out loud. Shared it with our bestie. The little dots appear and your hopes are so high. Then, "Oh, yeah, ha. I've already seen that."

Truths About Husbands That Every Wife Knows

You met the dude and married him. And he's pretty stinkin' cute. But like every wife knows, he does some weird shit sometimes.

We Think It’s Time For Christmas Beards To Make A Comeback

Glitter beards hit the scene in 2014 with Christmas Beards not far behind. We think it's time to bring it back...

Ohhh Internet. We Call Bullshit. And So Will You.

Our threshold for tolerating BS on the internet is at an all-time low. Lucky for us, holding people accountable for their ridiculousness or the silly frustrations in life is what keeps society from collapsing. We think...

Working Retail During The Holidays: Because Someone’s Gotta Keep The Crazy Under Control

Surprise! It's the holidays. And who do YOU think is coming in to work? You. We thought that was obvious already.

Winter Has Arrived And We Couldn’t Be More Over It

Like it or not, the snow is here. Lock your doors, crank up the heat, and let everyone know they can reach you in March. *Sigh.* If only it were ever that easy.

Sunday Shoutout: Mehgyver, For Thinking Fast & Tweeting Faster

We've been appreciating him almost daily for well over two months. Which is like, four years or something in Webland. We're not sure about the conversion rate.

How Come Goats Aren’t In The 12 Days Of Christmas?!

We have had a crush on baby goats since we were babies ourselves. They can be kind of a-holes to each other though, right? And once they're "of age"...

Uber: Because Getting In A Stranger’s Car Is A Perfectly Normal Thing To Do

Whether passenger or driver, if you've taken an Uber, odds are that you've got a story or two to tell. Because let's face it, people are weird and it's even weirder that you're riding in their car.

*Adult* Life Hacks For “Grown Ups”

Do these things and your life as a "grown up" will significantly improve. Yes, we meant to put grown ups in quotations. Why? Pffffffff, c'mon, you know why.

In This World Of Thieves, The Pen Is Mightier Than The Badge

Notes. To and from thieves. Because badges don't scare anyone. Here are some of the best, for hilarity, tragedy, and just plain stupidity!

Christmas Is Coming And Everyone Wants Some Action

Much like you, Christmas was born more of drunken debauchery than any kind of religious fervor. You guys, Romans celebrated Saturnalia, the predecessor to Christmas, and those fools partied - you have *no* idea. If pictures of those parties existed now, they would be behind a paywall.

No One *Wants* To Be Petty. It Comes From The Soul.

No one wants to be petty. Sometimes we just can't help it. And those times just happen to be pretty hilarious, soooooooo.

Just Imagine If Disney Were Life And Not Just Live Action…

When are we gonna start being real about how these perfect princesses would exist and interact in our world? Or maybe they are already here...

Tis The Season: Your Package Is Out For Delivery

Holiday package delivery has gotten out of control. So many people are hitting Amazon instead of going out shopping nowadays that Fedex and UPS hire people to drive around in their own personal vehicles to deliver you your goodies. And we couldn't be more thankful.

Careful! The Romaine Is Almost As Feces-Full As Bay Area Sidewalks!

Did you know there's a feces-tracking app? It's called SnapCrap. Now we just need one for our fecally-inspired fruits and veggies that tags the actual store!

Comedienne Crush Sunday Needs To Be A Thing Starting With Iliza

iliza featured image
For those who don’t know, a comedienne is a female comedian, which is actually the funny kind of comedian... especially this one.

When You Realize There Are No Winners In The Dating Game

Dating should stir up all kinds of feelings, right? Unfortunately, some of the most common ones are anxiety, dread, despair, and panic. But you gotta find "the one". Again.

Black Friday: For Those Who Like The Whole Shop-And-Purge Kinda Thing

Here's to another year of adrenaline-junkie-moron-circus-inspired, bloodsport shopping that results in the best Darwin Award nominations.

When Holiday Family Dinner Has You Wondering Who’s Going Down First

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, which means families are gathering for supper and to argue, ridicule, and seek dominance by leg-wrestling. So weird.

The Kids Are Home On Break. Break? For Who?

We love having our kids home on break. We really do. We just want them to find something else to do other than fight and tell us they're hungry five minutes after they eat breakfast.

When The Weirdest Couples End Up Being The Freaking Cutest

We all have very different ideas about how *our* ideal relationship might appear, but we can all agree these folks are reaching for *their* ideal already!

Siblings. You Didn’t Pick Them But They’re Yours

Aw Siblings. Sometimes, they bring a random candy to you or offer to watch your kids. So that makes it all worth it. Right?

Thanksgiving: We’re Really Only There For The Food

We all know Thanksgiving is really just about the food. Fifteen different pie options makes dealing with your family worth it... Well, almost ;)

We Need Breathalyzers To Unlock Our Phones. And Our Brains.

It's the weekend so where does that leave us? Texts. Sexts. Drunk “Heyyyyys”. And we know some of you are good with 3 y's, a bottle, and a song about your body being a wonderland.

Parents On Twitter Telling You How It Really Is. Like You Didn’t Already Know.

Being a parent is hard. But also kinda hilarious. Parents are turning to Twitter to tell us all about it...

Vanity Plates Are Like Mobile Billboards. For Hilarious Douchery.

Aren't vanity plates just a little weird rolling into 2019? Like that 40-plus white guy who doesn't work in the music industry but still wears a soul patch...

Camouflaged Cuteness Ambush In 3 – 2 – 1…

Cuteness comes in many shapes, sizes, and... odors? And who among us doesn't love a little hide-and-go-seek?

EXCELSIOR! Marvelous Cameos Of A Hero We *All* Deserved

A short, funny tribute to an artist and philosopher who shaped generations of minds by making us question what is truly possible - Mr. Stan Lee

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