18 Times ‘We’ Wasn’t Royal Or French, Just Annoying

We all have that one friend, unless you *are* that one friend, with the "oh, what are WE eating tonight?" I honestly don't know who "we" is, Sharon...

24 Perfect Pumpkins Living Extended Lives As Ghoulish Gourds

With trunk-or-treat, you only really miss out on the Jack O'Lanterns. #RealTalk? No one in your neighborhood does them this well anyway.

30 Times Twitter Asked And The Internet Answered

If you have you ever looked at the settings on your washer and dryer, you may have noticed the "whitest whites" setting... Yep, these are some of those, and much more!

The 30 Whitest Whites Outside Your Actual Washer & Dryer

If you have you ever looked at the settings on your washer and dryer, you may have noticed the "whitest whites" setting... Yep, these are some of those, and much more!

24 Real-Ish Souls Who’ve Imitated Art So Long, They’ve Become It

We made every attempt, this time, to remove any *obvious* cosplayers... By "every attempt", we mean we took an exceedingly cursory glance at random images for roughly three seconds of comparison. #BecauseProfessionalAF

21 Weird, Odd, Or Just Too-Extra Flexes, Now Captured Forever!

Do you guys know about this? 'Flexing'? We had to look it up, and you should, too. But then we wrote a better definition...

21 Times We Had To Ask: Almost Domesticated Pet Or Ancient Alien Overlord?

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Snowball actually has some plans? Plans about which you are unaware? Sinister plans that only include you briefly? Yeah, us too.

18 Times They Said They Weren’t Like The Others

We all have probably said it at least once. "I'm not like those others...". And maybe we aren't. Maybe what we perceive as "them" is drastically different than what we perceive as "us". But. Usually. When those words make their way out of someone's mouth, you're looking at the leader of "them".

33 Halloween Costumes That Deserve A Double Take

We're a couple weeks out, but most of us already have our costumes. Some of us just did a better job of choosing. #sorryitwasntyou

33 Memes To Liven Up Any Night At The Museum

It can be difficult for creative types and... less creative types to see eye to eye, but these 33 Art Memes are guaranteed to elicit a laugh from both!

22 Memes Because Going Back To Work Is The Worst

It's Monday morning and your alarm just went off. It's time to get up for work. Ugh. At least you're not the only one?

24 Annoying Things People Say On Your Wedding Day

Though most people mean well, sometimes they say downright rude comments to you about your wedding. We can't explain why they do it, but you just have to shake it off and enjoy your special day!

25 Memes About The Hilarious Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, we've got the funniest cats vs dogs memes for your viewing pleasure.

18 “Dieting Sucks” Tweets That Are So Hilariously True

We're about to head into that season of the year where your diet gets blown to pieces by the holidays. Here's some tweets that'll help you believe it's maybe not such a bad thing.

21 Almost-Sane Ideas We’re Incensed Aren’t Reality. Yet.

Let's be grateful for the "port-a-jon" designed to be fitted to a towing hitch. Where would we be without that? But here are 21 much-more-worthy ideas we need.

18 LOL Memes For When The GPS Is Making All The Driving Decisions

Navigation has come a long way since the old days of the road atlas and a prayer. Whether that's a good thing or not sort of depends on the mood the GPS is in.

Chivalry May Be Dead, Not-Really-News In 21 Stories!

Ok, so chivalry may or may not actually be dead, but there seems to be an obvious bias here. Maybe the difference is Women actually remember everything so there isn't any reason to meme, and dudes can't remember ANYTHING unrelated to #DeerSeason, #FootballSeason, or #BikiniSeason, which makes memeing a biological imperative?

32 John Mulaney Jokes That’ll Have You In Stitches

Whether you're a John Mulaney fan or just need something to laugh at and put you in a better mood, you'll want to go through our collection of the funniest Mulaney jokes.

Twenty Humorous Things The Internet Suggests You Should Have Done By 35

Want to know if your post 35 life is on track? These funny internet suggestions about where your life should be by 35 set the bar pretty low. Which is fine with us.

36 Memes That Prove To Have Food Is To Know Love

Food. I'm sorry, were you saying something, I didn't hear anything after food. Whatcha got? Can I... have some? If you love food, you're going to love these memes.

20 Funny Memes All About Being *So* Over Political Posts

If you're fed up with political posturing then this is the post for you. Political action is important. Grousing about it on Facebook, not so much.

18 Examples Of Dude Logic That Aren’t Always Logical

When it comes to guys, there is a kind of undeniable "logic" to their stupidity. But don't get me wrong, dudes definitely play their part, and pecs and shoulders are cool...

22 Memes For Anyone Nursing Their Man Through The Dreaded Man Flu

When your man gets sick all that BS about being the strong one, the brave one, even the smart one goes out the window and you're left with a sniffling puddle of baby to take care of. Are we right?

20 Times They Were A Truly Annoying Moth To Your… Flame? Lamp? Whatever.

It usually happens at least once. The ex trying to come back. But we aren't going to let that happen this time. Not. This. Time.

18 Realizations That Women Don’t Always Know What They Want

Confession #1: We get to change our minds if we want. "Your name is stupid, and your beard is weirder than that blonde rapper. I know I said I liked it before and maybe I did, maybe I didn't, okay??"

19 Memes Celebrating The Hilarious Realities Of The Teacher Life

It's World Teacher Day. To celebrate we're taking a funny look at the realities of the teacher life.

18 Anti-Motivational Memes For When You’re All Done With People

When your inner optimist has been sucker punched and then stuffed in a hole by your inner pessimist, you'll want these anti-motivational memes to complete the look.

30 “Welcome To Parenting” Memes For Everybody Even Considering Children

Being a parent is tough. No one should go in unprepared. Read these memes to find out what parenthood has in store.

18 Times Our Parents Were So Incredibly Extra

extra parents featured image
Most of us *are* one and all of us have them, so we think it's safe to say we're aware that parents can be so incredibly extra sometimes. And turns out there's some pretty solid entertainment to be had from it.

19 Adulthood Truths We Wish Someone Had Shared With Us Sooner

Being an adult wasn't what you thought it was gonna be. On the plus side you can read any memes you want without anyone telling you not to.

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