33 Memes For Anyone Who Loves To Tell People They’re Wrong

Let's be honest, it feels nice to be able to correct someone who's said something lame or stupid. And the only thing as good as that feeling may be these 33 memes for anyone who loves to tell people they're wrong.

32 Memes For Those Of You Happily Not Taking Part In All That Marriage Stuff

We can't all be the friend getting married, having kids, and growing up. One friend in the circle has to be the person who stays single for so long it starts to get awkward. So, even if all your friends are getting married, there is still a place for you among your friends.

32 Memes That You And Your Anxiety Will Relate To

We are constantly surrounded by things around us that make us anxious. We've taken a deep breath and assembled a collection of truly gut-busting memes that are sure to make your anxiety feel more manageable.

37 Scrappy Memes For Small Dog Lovers

If you're a small dog lover than you're sure to love these memes, full of yappy and scrappy pups.

33 Times The Internet Told Us The Truth About What We Look Like

Posting your picture on the internet and asking strangers' opinions on your appearance can be an open invitation to a good old-fashioned roasting. We've discovered the most hilarious memes and twitter conversations that will make you think twice about posting that next selfie.

32 Melt Your Heart #GirlDad Memes

These heartwarming (and humorous) memes of fathers being awesome girl dads are going to warm your heart in all the best ways.

35 Of The Grumpiest Memes Because You’re Feeling Especially Grouchy Today

We've all had bad days that bring out the very worst in us. This collection of memes is for all the grumpy pants out there who would rather laugh about their bad mood than try to change it.

Oh How We Hate Traffic, Let Us Count The First 36 Ways

If you've ever had to go *anywhere* during rush hour, you know just how frustrating and rage inducing dealing with other drivers can be. So if we all could just agree to not be dumb-asses on the road, that'd be great. Enjoy!

40 eCards For Your Dad That Are Better Than That Tie

WE love all you Dads out there, single or otherwise, biological or not... Happy Fathers' Day!

34 Crazy Funny Shenanigans Dad Pulled While Mom Was Away

If you're thinking about leaving your children alone with Dad for a little bit, be prepared for the hilariously bizarre shenanigans men get up to when they decide to "play" with the children.

35 “Bottoms Up” Memes To Justify Having A Drink

If you're one of those people that finds any reason to celebrate to justify your drinking, you're not alone. And when you finish reading this meme collection why not celebrate with a drink. No judgement here.

35 Memes For Anyone Accused Of Having Resting Bitch Face

If you have RBF, people begging your pardon when all you're doing is sitting there gets old pretty fast. But these memes will never get old because they perfectly sum up the RBF life.

20 Memes Roasting IHOb… It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Sorry IHOP, you had to know it was coming. I mean, there's no denying it was a bold choice to change your branding this late in the game. But smart it was not. And the meme world couldn't be happier. So thank you IHOb. We're gonna bust your balls a bit ;)

29 Memes For People Who Just Don’t Need That Negativity

However you choose to deal with the negativity in your life, we're positive these memes will get a few laughs.

33 Hilarious Memes About The Joys Of Breastfeeding

Regardless of how long you've been able to nurse your baby, if you've ever tried it, seen it, or had a spouse do it, these memes about the joys of breastfeeding won't let you down.

30 Memes For Anyone Still Treading Water In The Dating Pool

You're single and here you are, treading water with all those other single people but unable to make a genuine love connection. You might as well rejoice in your singleness and laugh at these memes about how the dating pool really sucks.

30 Drama Filled Memes For Anyone Dealing With Tween-agers

If you're struggling with your 11 year old and wondering what happened to your sweet, affectionate child, you're not alone. Those tween years can be a beast!

34 Superfluous Memes For Anybody Third Wheeling It

The next time you find yourself in the uncomfortable "third wheel" spot and your friends start making out (or fighting) these memes will get you through by giving you something to do.

35 “I Wouldn’t Call It A Break” Memes For Parents With Kids Home For The Summer

Summer break just started. How are you going to survive until school starts again? These memes might get you through the next 20 minutes. Good luck with the rest of the summer. We did what we could.

“Did You Sit In Sugar, ‘Cuz You Got A Sweet Ass”… 33 Flirty & Sexy Ecards To Send Your Love

Things we ALL love - Memes. Obviously. - eCards. Duh. - Sex. Again, obviously. So here's some Monday Brunch-tertainment of the flirty variety that grants you all three!

33 Seriously Questionable Retro Ads That Would Never Fly These Days

Whether you laugh out of disbelief or at the sheer absurdity of yesterday's ads, you'll definitely get a kick out of these 33 vintage advertisements.

Here’s Your Sign. More Accurately, Here’s Your 34 Hilarious Church Signs.

It's unclear where the first funny church sign popped up, but the trend has spread like wildfire. Or hellfire, in this case. And all of us get the benefit! If you want to make God laugh, make a plan... or read him these 34 witty church marquees.

35 Gardening Memes That Will Make You Want To Put Your Hands In Some Dirt

We dug around and harvested 35 Memes about the joy and heartache of gardening.

30 Perfectly Sarcastic Memes For When We’re Feeling #SorryNotSorry

This sassy list of even sassier memes are for those of us who simply don't care who accepts our apology, only that we can be painfully honest to begin with. #sorrynotsorry

34 “It’s Too Damn Hot” Memes And Summer Hasn’t Even Started

We anticipate summer all winter, and when it finally arrives all we do is complain about it. Well, it's going to be here for a few months, so why not make the most of it by finding a nice cool pool, some shade, and reading these 34 memes about how hot it is outside.

27 Brilliantly Sarcastic eCards All About How Much We Hate Work

It's Thursday. Which means you still have two more days to get through before the weekend. We sympathize and send you these memes to break the monotony of another day at the office.

30 Of The Best And The Worst Puns On The Internet

From dad jokes to play-on-words, we can guarantee you'll find this list of puns extra punny.

34 LOL Memes For Any Parent Waging Those “Get Your Tiny Butt In Bed” Fights

If you're in the middle of nighty night fights, then you'll appreciate all 34 of these memes that prove the bedtime battle is universally real.

37 Snarky Ecards To Send To Your Best… Friend?

Brutally honest, sarcastic, and always hilarious, snarky friendships are the very best kind, and these 37 Ecards are the perfect thing to send to your favorite snark.

30 “No Thanks” Memes For When People Want To Send You On A Guilt Trip

Whether someone has recently bought you a ticket to the guilt trip express or you're freshly returned from your last journey, these memes all about how much we hate guilt trips are just for you.

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