iPhone Users Will Get A Kick Out Of These 24 Android Memes

This collection of memes is bound to come in handy for when that pesky Android user tries to explain how having extra storage space is better than having Siri.

35 Meme Babies That Speak Hilarious Truth

Babies are irresistibly cute. And these memes are irresistibly funny. Enjoy!

40 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From The Funniest Dad In The Twittersphere

Father of fourgirls, James Breakwell tweets about family life under the Twitter handle XplodingUnicorn with side splitting (and relatable) results.

34 Math Memes To Help Get Your Back To School Vibe Going

School bells will be ringing and your kids are going to be bringing home those math worksheets. We put together some of the best mathy memes to get you ready.

37 Memes Calling Ourselves Out Because People Lie And Actions Don’t

Those moments we realize we've been a hypocrite come to us all. Luckily they came to 37 *other* people in this seriously funny (not phony) collection of memes.

Twenty-Too Much Times On All Of Your Hands

Bored? Looking for something to do? Yeah, us too. We just finished this utensil-and-lip-balm-figures sculpture before the kids came inside and added to our ever-growing list of shit to ignore... But yeah, some people have way too much time on their hands.

34 Smart-Mouthed eCards To Get You Through To The Weekend

The end of the week is in sight. But if you don't think you can hang on to your snark control much longer, these memes may just get you over the hump.

23 Memes That Prove Blended Families Are A Mixed Bag

Blending a family takes a lot of patience, tolerance, and humor. If you're feeling like you need a boost to get through your step parenting day, we've got the humor covered.

22 Tweets Traversing The Onesie Tribe’s Tomfoolery

You know those ridiculous conversations you have with yourself and then you think, "man that was hilarious, I should write that down!" Yeah, us too. We aren't fast enough either. Luckily, Josh is the fastest tweet in the, well, wherever.

28 Of The Funniest *NSFW* Memes All About Doing The Nasty

If your joke of choice usually has something to do with unsolicited dick pics or turning a spongebob meme into something *really* perverted, then you've come to the right place. It's not your fault. Sex is really f**king funny. Enjoy!

18 Memes Hating On The LOL

LOL has taken on a whole new meaning. We have a collection of memes that show why everyone is hating on good old, dependable LOL.

29 Times People Were So Stupid We Wondered About The Future Of The Human Race

We all do and say stupid stuff from time to time. It's only human, right? If that's true than these 29 memes make us wonder about the future of the human race.

32 Memes For The Moment You Realize It Isn’t Going To End Well

Realizations can be amazing or amazingly awful. But these realization memes are just funny.

Escape The Sales Aisle With 30 Back-To-School Shopping Memes

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, the only thing to do is grin and bear it. We collected the best school shopping memes to help provide the grins!

37 Memes Showcasing What You Might Call Slacker Parenting But We Call Surviving

Sometimes we're not at are parenting best, but we found some great memes that show us slacker parenting at it's best.

30 Hilarious Bathroom Memes For Those Of Us Familiar With What Goes On There

It didn't take us long to find the best, the worst, and the funniest bathroom memes to chuckle at the next time you need to pass a bill in the oval office.

Grab All The Chocolate And Enjoy These 18 PMS eCards

We collected the best PMS eCards around so that you don't have to suffer through the tender boobs, uncontrollable tears, and endless cravings for comfort food alone.

40 Of The Best Jim Gaffigan Jokes

If you're married with kids or love Hot Pockets then you'll love the comedy stylings of Jim Gaffigan. Here are 40 of his best jokes.

32 Sterling Examples Of Why English Is Ridiculous

The English Language reads like a bunch of drunk prison guards got together and were like, "Let's make up the most ridiculous rules for this language." Am I right?

22 *NSFW* Memes For Married Couples Trying To Get Lucky

If your favorite position with your husband in bed is on his side so he doesn't snore, this collection of fun and flirty memes might be just the laugh you need.

33 Behind The Pink Curtain Glimpses Into How Women Think

Gender stereotypes are so last year...unless they're true. Then they're just hilarious.

18 Mildly Absurd Gender Reveal Memes And Tweets

If you've been to a "gender reveal" then you'll either laugh at the absurdity of some of these efforts *or* you'll get lots of over-the-top ideas for your own reveal party.

34 “Books Are My People” Memes For Every Reader

You may not have time to finish that new book you picked up this week, but you can read these hilarious book lover memes in no time.

33 Memes That Are Out Of Sight And Undercover

Ever glance over something that's right in front of you? These memes will show that sometimes camouflage is as accidental as it is effective.

37 Blockbuster Memes For Anyone Headed To The Movie Theater Today

Going to the movies may be an expensive evening without the conveniences of home, but it's still popular enough to generate a hefty amount of hilarious memes.

21 “Let’s Get it On” Memes To Send To Your Special Someone

Go ahead and send these sexy, flirty invitations to "Let's Get It On" to your special someone, because laughter can be a spectacularly great turn on.

20 Fantastically Funny Food Memes

Food isn't just for meals anymore. Food is for memes. As much as you love food in your mouth, these food in your jokes may be just as awesome.

20 More Hilarious How To’s For Dealing With The Ex

Dressing up heartbreak might not be healthy, but these memes will prove that it is funny.

20 Painfully Funny Poolside Realities For Anyone Headed Swimming

If you've ever gone to a public pool in the summer, then you'll recognize all the hilarious but awful truths in this collection of poolside pains memes.

33 Randomly Funny Memes That Should At Least Earn An Inner Laugh

If you're looking for a good chuckle today, look no further. We're sure that at least one of these memes will make you laugh so hard you'll pee a little.

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