Love it or hate it (and it is usually one of those two), the Elf on the Shelf and all his shenanigans have become a holiday tradition. The fun has been the subject of viral parodies by internet folk, i.e.”Shrek on the Deck”, “link in the Sink”, etc. Well, those are just too easy to figure out. Challenge yourself with these 33 hard-to-guess parodies and see how many you can get right. If you can get 50% of them right, we are impressed. Answers are on the bottom of each page. Good luck!

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Challenge Yourself with these 30 Hard-to-Guess Shelf Elf Parodies (answers on bottom of each page).


Shelf Elf Parody


You've Heard of Shelf Elf


Shelf Elf


Jack Skellington on a Beef Wellington
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Goomba Shelf Elf


Mouse on a Strauss


You have heard of elf on a shelf


Heard of Elf on the Shelf
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Dat Boi on Illinois

Sorry about this one. LOL


Shelf Elf Star Wars parody


Elf Shelf Parody

1- Esophagus in a Sarcophagus
2- French in a Trench
3- Neo on a Leo
4- Skellington on a Wellington
5- Goomba on a Roomba
6- Mouse on a Strauss
7- King Tut on a Wing Nut
8- Caillou on the Bayou
9- Dat Boi on Illinois
10- Ackbar on a Snack Bar
11- Orange on a Door Hinge (and who says nothing rhymes with orange?)


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