It seems that every day new technology is being pushed out to the public in the form of tablets, computers, watches, glasses, and smart cars. Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving trends in technology. We have all probably had moments where we felt out of touch with the devices around us, and it is likely, that we will continue to struggle with certain updates as the tech world expands and improves.


25 People Who Don’t Understand Technology

#1 How Many Days Can You Stay Logged in to Your Email?

Some security codes which require four random words, two numbers, and three symbols at times seem a bit absurd, and at the least, they’re very annoying to remember. If you can stay logged in for as long as possible, do it. Computers also have this fancy feature called “remember password” which is nice for those of us who are a bit forgetful.

#2: Why Do Things Have to Change?

The technologically challenged just want things to work the way they always have. You know, like how you used to have to walk everywhere, and buy stamps to mail letters, and cook your food over a fire. Those things were so much easier, right?

#3: Where Do I Start?

You have to admit that 21st Century gadgets can be a little tricky for the first time user. That’s probably why the Fire Stick you gave Grandpa for Christmas to revolutionize his TV watching is still in its box.

#4 Is This Real Life?

It turns out you can be transported from your living room into another world entirely by using a simple device. Technology has made it easy to experience new things from the comfort of your couch, but when some people say they want to go somewhere new, they literally want to go there, not slap on a pair of heavy goggles and pretend.


#5 Why is the Computer Sick Again?

Germs can reach everyone, even our devices, which leaves many people scratching their heads as to how to get rid of those nasty computer viruses. Unlike humans, computer viruses require different forms of remedy than the traditional day of rest and hot tea.

#6 Can You Send Me That Picture, Too?

When phones transformed into cameras, many people were stumped with how to share, how to print, how to edit. Do you need to take one picture for every person in the group? It had been so easy before: click photo, take film to Walgreens, wait 24 hours for film at nearest Walgreens, give a picture of yourself to everyone at Christmas.

#7 What is My FREAKING Password?

Passwords have become the thorn in many peoples’ sides. How do we remember the hundred passwords we have for everything? When in doubt, come up with something easy. One older man made his password clue read “my name backward”; his name is “Bob.” Genius!

#8 Can You Move a Little to the Left?

Ah, the original selfie. Taking a picture of other people can be tough because you want the image to turn out perfectly. For some technology challenged people, even finding the right hole to look through can be a problem.


#9 How Much Did You Pay for That?

This guy has gotten on board with Apple’s branding of everything being labeled with an “i.” That’s the spirit, man. Instead of buying into the Apple frenzy, create your own iPad. Unfortunately, we don’t think you’ll be able to email from that device.

#10 Where Did You Get That Watch?

Watches have officially become the newest way to text, call, track your steps, and get directions. For people who do not keep up with the newest technology trends, an Apple watch probably sounded delicious and convenient for when that afternoon hunger kicks in.

#11 What Happens if it Storms?

The ability to store our files in “clouds” has confused quite a few people. How can it be possible that our thousands of photos and emails are sitting up in a cloud for safe-keeping?

#12: I Have Friends in Nigeria?

For those who don’t understand technology, all these scammer emails sound entirely plausible probably because the email came addressed right to them, with their names and everything.


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