Before you go reading this article and thinking I am teasing the poor people who experienced these craft failures, be assured that I am not making fun – because I AM THESE PEOPLE. I am an epic craft failure. I know the pain of wanting to make something lovely and having it turn to disappointment right before your eyes.

Read on for more poor souls who were defeated by the “easy” holiday crafts they attempted.

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Hilarious Holiday Craft Failures for the Pinterest-Challenged

#1 – Poor Rudolph… It appears there’s been a terrible accident.


#2 – Hot cocoa on a stick… so adorable! So simple! Right?

#3 – I’m going to give that a 7 out of 10 – after all, it’s roughly the right shape and color scheme and appears to be fairly edible.


#4 – These cute Santas SEEM simple enough…


#5 – This candy platter seems like such a cute idea.


#6 – All she wanted was to make a cute hand-crafted bowl for someone’s Christmas gift, and now she has a sad, wilted button platter.


#7 – Not a complete fail here. Maybe it’s not as picture perfect as the Pinterest version, but dump some icing on that strudel and I bet it tasted great!


#8 – Such cute trees… that morphed into something else entirely. Hopefully they had fun eating the rejects!


#9 – The reality of Christmas photo shoots…


#10 – This seems about right…


#11 – When even the food coloring won’t cooperate with you…



Tara is a mom, instructional designer, author, cat lover, and collector of funny pictures on the Internet.