You know that feeling when you thought you were on your second slice of pizza but you look down and see that you’ve finished the whole box? Then, maybe it’s the shame, maybe it’s the lethargy, but you stay sitting there watching Netflix until your roommate gets home so that he can hand you the carton of ice cream, saving you the embarrassment of trying to get up. Well you’re not the only one. Here are 30 lazy animals who know how you feel.

Lazy Is Lazy, No Matter Who You Are

#1: Actions speak louder than words.

#2: But have we tried waiting for the fish to come to us?

#3: Don’t outrun your predators. Outweigh them.

#4: He’ll get there soon enough. I’m in no rush.

#5: Lazy animals saved this zoo a lot of money on fences.

#6: Gravity will decide when it’s time for us to get down.

#7: I think I might be pregnant… Or possibly just extremely full.

#8: Hanging upside down is overrated.

#9: There are lost dog signs up. They’ll find me eventually.

#10: I’m ready for some Netflix and chill. Minus the Netflix.


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