With football season here, Sundays are now filled with linebackers, huddles, touch downs, and a whole lot of instant replays. Football games are on our televisions, football talk is at our work, and football memes are on our social media. Even if you’re not a part of the football community, you know someone that annoys you with endless football chatter. There’s just no escaping it. Football is here to stay (at least til February) so we might as well let it into our lives.

Football lovers pretty much eat, drink and breathe it. And if they have kids they nurture that football love with tiny jerseys and football knowledge. How else is the next generation going to know which team to root for? Love it or hate it, we’ve got our best team of football memes to kick the season off.

Ready Or Not, Football Season Has Arrived And With It 38 Seriously Funny Football Memes















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