“But… it’s permanent!” Get used to hearing this if you are considering a tattoo. While these little warnings from parents and the peanut gallery are annoying, they are correct. You better think through your first ink. Here are 25 different ideas to help you make a good decision.

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25 Tattoo ideas for your first ink.

#1 – Simple and Under the Wrist

Butterfly tattoo

Show it or hide it, all with a flick of the wrist. Under the wrist is a great place to test the waters and see what reactions you get.”

#2 – Back of the Neck

back of neck tattoo

The Back of the neck is classy and simple first tattoo. Also, usually small, simple and easily covered up by your shirt or hair if needed.

#3 – Top of the Foot

foot tattoo

A subtle place for a first tattoo. You can still see it if wearing the right footwear but a bitdiscrete.”

#4 – Arm Stars

Arm Star Tattoo

Arm stars are cute, sassy and a fairly simple way to go. Plus, they could eventually be added upon and made a part of something larger.

#5 – Booty

butt tattoo

This location is Hid during the normal day activities but shows you mean business at the beach or when streaking at football games.

#6 – Tribal Ink

tribal tattoo

Do you have unique ancestral heritage? Even if you don’t, tribal tattoos are popular and look awesome. Designed to match your body, these inks are commonly placed on arms or chest, created in the frame of a body part.

#7 – Geographical

Africa tattoo

Proud of where you are from? Show the world where you came from by tattooing your home country or location. You can accompany this by a meaningful phrase or word.

#8 – Wrist

wrist tattoo

Your wrist is a good spot for meaningful phrases or words or the coordinates for a special location. It’s subtle and works perfectly for a long and thin design.

#9 – Henna

Henna Tattoo

If you aren’t confident about your first location, consider trying your design and location out with a henna tattoo for a week. Henna only dyes your skin temporarily, allowing you to test drive your ink.

#10 – Secret Place

Under boob tatto

When and where to show your ink is up to you. Secret hiding places like the rib cage show the world your secret sexy side.

#11 – Calf Babies

Calf tattoo

Do you have children or family members that you want close to you at all times? Consider carrying your Kids on your calves.


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